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put under private control or ownership

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But I want to denationalise compassion where the state is failing to deliver results.
Theologou said that "serious matters are being raised concerning the rush to denationalise the company [CyTA Hellas], but also the method of privatising it.
The unilateral plan to denationalise State Life Insurance Corporation is likely to create industrial disturbance.
And this despite the government withdrawing bills to privatise CyTA and pledging not to denationalise the EAC.
And this despite the government having withdrawn bills to privatise CyTA and pledging not to denationalise the EAC.
The one activity that would result in genuine competition better service and falling prices would be the Royal Mail, but attempts to denationalise Royal Mail in the mid-90s never came to fruition because of widespread public sentiment for the old-fashioned service.
Slowness to denationalise and reform by weak coalition governments in the face of strong trade union and popular opposition has held Croatia back.
Such optimism seems not at all misplaced, as a parliamentary majority has already voiced opposition to the government's plan to denationalise the telecoms provider.
Unions oppose the government's decision to denationalise the company.
Although unions oppose the government's decision to denationalise the company, a government bill allowing the creation of a new state-owned entity to take overthe company's operations and staff has already been forwarded to parliament.
Therefore, it is best to denationalise PNSC so that Government does not have to bear the loss sustained by PNSC.
In a statement, main opposition AKEL said a reading of the report reveals the consultants worked backwards -- making their findings fit the theory, namely the government's predetermined decision to denationalise the EAC.
There is no justification to denationalise the profitable units.
Thirty-five companies have been preselected in the procedure to denationalise the Limassol port and final bids are expected in December, a senior official said on Wednesday.
Cyprus must denationalise several state enterprises, including Limassol port, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority and the Electricity Authority, raising an estimated e1/41bn by 2016 in order to pay down a e1/410bn international bailout.