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changing something from state to private ownership or control

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Dubbed 'Mr Privatisation' after becoming a major figure in the Government's denationalisation programme, his career hit the rocks when he tried to extend the principles to health and social security.
But where the likely buyers are foreign, as in the Third World, privatisation of state-owned enterprises often means denationalisation a transfer of control to foreign investors or managers," Starr wrote.
The Tory health minister, Andrew Lansley, has only put the health denationalisation issue on hold until after local elections, hoping for a clearer mandate to go ahead.
In 1990s the federal government adopted the policy of denationalisation /privatisation, therefore, the SBP was given maximum autonomy and a number of banking laws were mended, accordingly.
An increase in private finance to meet the public budget cuts - More autonomy and less bureaucracy to boost innovation in research and teaching - Denationalisation of the Bologna process with emphasis on European-wide accreditation and quality control
Successive governments sidestep direct control by embracing denationalisation and then pose as watchdogs when the private company or franchise fails to
Unsatisfactory performance of these utilities and enterprises has forced the government to adopt a policy of privatisation, denationalisation and divestment.
Scheindlen allowed lawsuits against IBM for "aiding and abetting arbitrary denationalisation and apartheid".
Substantially in line with the earlier structural adjustment programs (SAPs) that had been implemented in Nigeria and pursuant to the requirements of its latest IMF, WB and USA/EU inspired and backed socio-economic reform plan, the Obasanjo-led Nigerian government has since 1999 embarked on a program of state deregulation, denationalisation and disinvestment.
Cecil Hunter, aged 78, of Dillotford Avenue, Chey-lesmore, claimed: "All this trouble with different bus companies scrapping over viable routes has only come about since the denationalisation of our transport service.
The denationalisation reportedly terminated ADC's contract to operate the airport.
The Department for International Development also funded the Institute to produce Christmas cards, posh receptions and an opinion poll to sell denationalisation to sceptical Tanzanians.
Even before Margaret Thatcher, there had been attempts at denationalisation, by restoring nationalised enterprises to their previous owners, but the success had been, at best, patchy.
We were sold down the river on decimalisation, denationalisation, an assembly, European MPs, quangos, the euro.
Cette vie quotidienne hors du monde fera dire 'a l'abbe Tessier que cela confinait au deracinement voire a la denationalisation.