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100 dinars equal 1 rial in Iran

the basic unit of money in Yugoslavia

the basic unit of money in Tunisia

the basic unit of money in Libya

the basic unit of money in Kuwait

the basic unit of money in Jordan

the basic unit of money in Iraq

the basic unit of money in Bahrain

the basic unit of money in Algeria

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During 2014, Macedonian construction executives negotiated construction work abroad in total value of 6,364 billion denars which is 27.
Total revenues for next year are projected to be higher by 5% than the ones from this year, and they will amount to 163 billion and 280 million denars, while the expenditures are higher by 4%, and they will amount to 181 billion and 777 million denars.
The investment in such an undertaking saves 8,400 denars per household a year.
The then-creators of the economic policies say that in condition of enormous inflation that was measured with three-figure numbers and small economy with limited consumption, the introduction of the denar as the national currency tied to the then-German Deutsche-Mark was the most logical move.
The buying milk price in Macedon will also drop but not dramatically, by denar to denar and a half, which will also cause retail prices of milk to scale down," milk companies say.
The Ss Cyril and Methodius coins will be in 100 and 1,000 denar denominations while the Leo coin will be in a 10 denar denomination.
In December last year, denar deposits exceeded those in a foreign currency and the trend has since continued so that now 51 percent of the overall savings deposits are in the local currency," Bogov said.
The policy of keeping a fixed denar rate of exchange since the home currency has been introduced shows it suits well a small economy such as our own and produces results.
8 million denars are for salaries, rentals and allowances; 11 million denars are for goods and services; and 600,000 denars are for capital expenses.
However, everyone will not be happy because those with the most miserable salaries, employed in the textile and leather industry will get a minimum wage of 9,000 denars gradually in three years.
With the rebalance of the budget, some ten million denars intended for the Albanian theatre in Skopje and Tetovo's library have been cut, which are institutions very important for the Albanians.
Immediately upon taking office, Andrej Zernovski, Mayor of Centar, said the budget was depleted beforehand considering that 340 million denars of the 350 million denars of revenues to be collected by the end of the year should be spent on repaying overdue liabilities.
The opposition SDSM political party proposed that the minimum wage in Macedonia should be 11,000 denars.
The fee for used cars and other motor vehicles up to 1,000 cm3 is 1,500 denars, from 1,500 cm3 to 3,000 cm3 the fee is 2,000 denars and for vehicles over 3,000 cm3 the fee is 3,500 denars.