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Demythologizing science teacher education: Conquering the false ideal of open inquiry.
The classical myths are transformed by means of demythologizing devices and burlesque conventions of the Greek satyr play and the Menippean satire.
Manuela Gretkowska's Kobieta i Mezczyzni is yet another female voice of protest in demythologizing stereotypical concepts of women's roles in Polish society.
Martina Navratilova says many of the players pass the time by playing Scrabble but I doubt if Miss Williams or Miss Sharapova could come up with big-scoring words like Quixotry or Demythologizing.
Responding to a question about his reasons for making BODY WORLDS and the PLASTINARIUM accessible to the public, he said, "Throughout my career, I have promoted the democratization of anatomy, of demythologizing the body interior not just for the medical and scientific world, but for the general public.
The Nazis themselves were susceptible to the unmasking, demythologizing impulse as far as the great Jewish world conspiracy was concerned: "Nazi propagandists convinced themselves and their followers that commonsense explanations for developments were deceptive and illusory.
Kim notes, "What was taking place in Dogen's mind was a radical demythologizing and in turn, remythologizing of the whole Buddhist symbol-complex of original enlightenment, Buddha-nature, emptiness and other related ideas and practices" (37).
The same reason the president felt no contradiction threatening his first presidential veto on an amendment capable of demythologizing Rumsfeld's fictitious comments.
She resists representations of her home state as shiny simulacrum by defamiliarizing and demythologizing it.
In the theological universe of the first three decades of the twentieth century, when many German Protestant theologians were busily demythologizing Jesus of Nazareth and developing more individualistic, subjectivist interpretations of the Gospel (interpretations that, strikingly, also ultimately facilitated accommodation with Nazism), Barth caused a sensation by advancing a neo-orthodoxy that insisted on the radical Otherness of God, in the face of which all human reasoning was inevitably puny and wrongheaded.
Conventional feminine romance's idealization, moralizing, and hierarchical gender structure are repeated ironically only to be subverted: the heroine is heavenly sublime yet also abject grotesque, she is angelic yet always a woman on top, myths (femininity, motherhood, 21, 283; marriage, 21, 39, 46, 230, 280, 281, 282; nature, 61; normality, 220; Christianity, 176, 239; humanity, 110; law, 211) are mockingly demythologized, norms and values are questioned in a carnivalesque shifting tone in which kitsch sentimental exaltation (of traditional romance values) turns into overplayed hysteric excess transformed into a subversively (self-)ironic metatext commenting on the novel's own silly, happy ending, demythologizing feminine romance and radical utopian feminism alike:
his lifestyle, his finances, his dealings with the warrior Pope," and the pitfalls of fresco painting, while demythologizing long-held views, particularly that the ceiling was painted by Michelangelo lying on his back.
When new "projects of demythologizing and demystification make liberatory claims to free us .
One significant contribution of this book is its demythologizing of the nostalgic notion that suburbanites of the 1950s were invariably conformative and uncritical.
Ensler's genius was in taking a very clinical word that makes a lot of people uncomfortable and demythologizing it, transforming it into the centerpiece of a real girl-power show that guys titillated by the title would take in as well.