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In these stories of sickness and decline, Nuland demythologizes death and warns of the often hidden liability of using medical technology to achieve a "triumph of temporizing" over our inevitable mortality.
The empirical material presented demythologizes the concept of the rationality of trade and the market, and contradicts, therefore, essential assumptions in the work of Bates and Berg.
In The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman (University of Nebraska Press, 978-0-8032-1148-3) Margot Mifflin skillfully demythologizes the case of Olive Oatland, captured by Yavapai Indians who attacked her parents near Yuma, Arizona, as they journeyed to California in 1851.
In this inside look at the profession, Firlik demythologizes the field and posits the brain surgeon as part scientist, part clinician, and part mechanic.
Cesar Vallejo and the Death of God" is a labor of love by a humanist who effectively demythologizes what has become an iconic figure of Spanish American letters in the second half of the twentieth century.
It would be hard to detect in most commentaries that Rahner demythologizes at all.
Seen separately, the occasions when Rahner demythologizes can appear as a few ad hoc reinterpretations, perhaps due only to apologetical purposes.
He demythologizes in order to bring the Godness of God closer.
The significance of this becomes more apparent through a review of specific beliefs and the way in which Rahner demythologizes them also.
The process of moving the female body and head toward abstraction demythologizes it, if remythologizing it as pure spirit.
The author, though using the classical myth as the basis of his novel, demythologizes his Greek heroes.
He nevertheless demythologizes its political ethos by criticizing its shortcomings and excesses and questioning its ability to resolve some of convoluted outstanding issues facing a society in the process of transition.
William Willard does a nice turnabout on anthropology and ethnography as he demythologizes social-scientific theory through a telling of its own history.
To claim that Rahner seeks to demythologize classic Catholic beliefs is to place Rahner in a dichotomy he is seeking to escape.
Rahner is not seeking to demythologize the world and Christian doctrines.