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Opposing him, Ram Mohun championed "natural theology" and, as if he were a demythologizer, blithely discarded parts of the New Testament that testified to Christ's supernatural nature.
She says explicitly in "Notes from the Front Line" that she is a demythologizer, indicating her concern as a feminist with "the social fictions that regulate our lives.
When pushed to say what happened after death, the most ruthless demythologizers tended to become suddenly tentative and to waffle on about Mystery and Spirit and Ultimately Personal Love.
They are part of a very large group of sonnets attacking foreign undoers of the Bible: all the alien demythologizers, comparative-religionists, "neologists" ("The Young Neologist at Bethlehem: A Recommendatory Letter"; CXLVI), enders of the faith (modern announcers of "Terminus": CXXV).
odds of just one chance in a hundred that the demythologizers are wrong