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Synonyms for demythologized

having mythical elements removed

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resumes a focus on Kant and his concept of demythologized ethical hope.
In Invincible, spontaneity is demythologized through scenes of Papale running and pushing himself both to prepare for tryouts and while at training camp.
There may be some justification of the term myth in conjunction with some accommodated Mesopotamian motifs, but for the most part the writer of Genesis demythologized his sources.
However demythologized Lynch's story became, at least she was never seen dragging a prisoner of war on a leash.
Angela Carter has always been the performer par excellence: she is associated with a self-created authorial persona constantly enacting a fantastic being, a "spellbinder," (1) a "Fairy Godmother," a "friendly witch," a "very good wizard," (2) a ravishing yet funny grotesque figure, a loquacious "yarn-spinner, Mother Goose," a "wolf in Grandma's nightcap," (3) who never ceases to perform her verbal magic, writing playfully in a carnivalesque polyphonic, hybrid, in-between genre, melting fairy tale, demythologized myth, magic realism, surrealist fantasy, historiographic metafiction, rewritten female Gothic, Bildungsroman, eroticism, picaresque, poetry and nursery rhyme in a spellbinding, spectacular narrative.
If a common, demythologized history can be achieved, then the virulent nationalist exclusivities can also be excised and eradicated.
The extravagant expressions were not taken literally by Israel but were demythologized, transformed and understood as poetic metaphors and were employed to sing the praise of God.
Perhaps the greatest peril of living in a demythologized world is just this: by accepting the incomplete spectrum of a single-mindedly logical existence, we forfeit our experience of mystery.
Yet they too have been demythologized and stripped of their superhuman custodial and protective duties toward humankind.
Green posed the relationship between politics and a demythologized Christianity (272-273), or in its counterpart toward the end of the century in the incarnational theology of Charles Gore and the Lux Mundi circle.
The elite classes were abandoning orthodox Christianity for a demythologized religion of human reason.
Douglass's demythologized understanding of his condition as a slave comes early in his life--as early as seven or eight years old.
The substantive issue over which there will likely be the most debate is the extent to which Markschies has demythologized Valentinus by presenting him as an Egyptian Christian whose orientation is not gnostic.
When DBAE is placed alongside other art education approaches such as the emotional involvement of the student and the social nad developmnetal awareness of the teacher, it is demythologized as the number one direction art education is expected to take.