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the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms

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Unification, universalization, and demythologization of knowledge, values, fields, and methods are necessary processes to regenerate social work's vitality, identity, and legitimacy.
Dewald rightly considers the proemial (and later Helen-centered) stories of wife-stealing as demythologization, debunking the deluded and parochial self-serving versions of the logioi (cf.
The present analysis of Yeats's works contributes to the demythologization of sexual equality in early 20th century Ireland.
Both poles of the dialectic contain themes of sin, redemption, and warning, he writes, and "both draw sustenance from the other by participating in an ongoing dialectic of idealization and demythologization.
Osborn makes clever use of the work of the Australian novelist Patrick White to discuss the demythologization of Christ in Nuns and Soldiers (1980) and The Time of the Angels (1966)--two of her most overtly 'Christianized' works.
Much subsequent theology has been a protest against that assignment, and an attempt to reassert the objectivity of Christian belief against programs of demythologization and subjectivization.
However, people showed themselves again to be cruder than death and history and immediately started with the demystification and demythologization of Kiro Gligorov.
a reaction to modernization''s demythologization, detraditionalization, and disenchantment.
As well, a series of articles contextualizes the Qur'an within the framework of Christian and Jewish theologies: Michael Marx deals with the figure of Mary and the Christian intertexts, pointing to the demythologization of Mariology in the Qur'an; Hartmut Bobzin grapples with the concept of the "seal of the prophets" from Q 33:40 and its relationship to the Mosaic paradigm; Sarah's laughter is the focus of Gabriel Said Reynolds' attention and he views the Qur'anic rendition of this as part of an "interpretative tradition" within Syriac Christianity; and Reimund Leicht deals with the rabbinic connections for the writing down of loan agreements (Q 2: 282).
The other three modes are burlesque, nostalgia, and demythologization.
If I had the space I would argue, for instance, that while contemporary western philosophy in its analytic suit of armor reduced ethics and politics to nonsense and rubble, the Continental driven Hegelian-inspired phenomenology first informed Fanon's existential psychiatry (even though it was marginalized in the Left tradition) and Du Bois' pragmatism (even if he was only recently included as part of a reconstructed canon), and then what West names as the historicist moment in philosophy--Wittgenstein's "cultural turn", Heidegger's destruction of western metaphysics, Derrida's deconstruction, Rorty's demythologization, Foucault's genealogy that all provided "resources for how we understand, analyze and enact our representational practices" (West, 1993: 21).
Instead, he dedicated his life to the endorsement of series, institutions, conferences, and scholarly journals intended to promote a confrontation between a newly interpreted Italian heritage and state of the art philosophical concerns in Europe: Phenomenology, Existentialism, Hermeneutics, Demythologization, etc.
Instead, as Gianni Vattimo explicates Friedrich Nietzsche, demythologization is itself exposed as another form of mythmaking.
One could also uncover the following themes within the film: a genealogy of terrorism, sacrifice and violence, the contentious 'Christian' achievement of secularization, and the mythologization and demythologization of Marxism and the RAF.
Mahmud's line of interpreting the "mythical" language of the Qur'an is directed toward demythologization.