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the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms

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A forthcoming indie biopic, a lusty tale of "true genius, like van Gogh and Mozart" starring Andy Garcia, should give the demythologization effort some healthy competition.
Here again it is Lucretius who provides an Interpretative frame, not only in his ultimate demythologization of Venus but also in his famous descriptions of the predicament of "primitive humanity.
By this time, however, a new divergence had come about even in theological thinking through various schools of thought, such as demythologization, Heilsgeschichte, existentialism, liberationism, secularism, and even the end of religion and the death of God "theologies.
Acknowledging Martin Heidegger's argument about the impossibility of ever being able to separate the vital essence of being from finite interpretations of it, he admitted that every act of demythologization involved an inevitable tendency to remythologization.
Tiedemann went through the voluminous notes and grouped them by subject matter; there are, for example, chapters titled "Society," "Critique," "The Late Style," and "Humanity and Demythologization.
This engrossing book is not a work of hagiography in the tradition of Bernard DeVoto's Mark Twain's America (1932), nor is Emerson engaged in the project of demythologization that began with Van Wyck Brooks's The Ordeal of Mark Twain (1920) and reached new depths of absurdity in Guy Cardwell's The Man Who Was Mark Twain (1991).
Some deliberateness has been and continues to be necessary, but, as we have seen, such a whole can but be an evolving construction, subject to ongoing cultural processes of revision, demythologization, and reinterpretation.
This is especially the case given the fact that Heidegger, quite unlike Bertram, does not concede the mythological character of his account, but instead everywhere promotes the mystique of an authentic "primordial" retrieval or an appropriation of history destined by Being, apparently unwilling to subject his Seinsgeschichte to the loss of enchantment attendant upon all demythologization.
Among more radical Christians, Bultmannian demythologization contributed to this mutuality, as does radical post-Holocaust revisionism of the New Testament like that of Rosemary Radford Ruether and Norman Beck.
This chapter examines important themes that have been discussed most notably by Donald Lopez's Curators of the Buddha (1995), such as the textual bias of Orientalist scholars regarding contemporary Buddhist practice, and the Orientalist construction and demythologization of the life story of the Buddha.
Indeed, if there is a demythologization at work here, it is found in the discovery that God has nothing to do with violence or necessity.
39) Panikkar's model of interpretation is mythological, and nothing more; it is certainly not demythologization or anything else that would subjugate the myth beneath the logos.
She long pleaded for the demythologization of Christianity: to survive it must jettison its supernatural myths (incarnation/resurrection); Christ is to become the Buddha of the West.
His whole theology points to a desacralization and demythologization of the exclusively divine, the holy, defined in terms of a "high" church theology.
In the Christian hermeneutic, demythologization "Judaizes the pagans" by filtering God's message through prevailing cultural media.