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make less mysterious or remove the mystery from


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Demystifying Qualitative Research in Pregnancy and Childbirth aims to guide readers through all the stages of the research process, enlightening them about the purpose of quality research, and informing them of considerations they should make before commencing.
Demystifying Outsourcing: The Trainer's Guide to Working With Vendors and Consultants aims to hone your skills in the art of outsourcing the training process.
Chameleon Associates, which specializes in security training, has produced a CD-ROM titled Demystifying Terrorism, an exceptionally well-done and professional primer on terrorism.
ITG's hands on knowledge and experience combined with its practical approach towards implementation aids clients in understanding and demystifying these quality standards and simplifying the certification process.
Written by Delhi University (India) political science teacher Navnita Chadha Behera, Demystifying Kashmir is a close examination of the contested Kashmir territory, which has been a source of dispute and outright war between Indian and Pakistan for practically half a century.
Rothman's Mac OS X Tiger For Unix Geeks: Demystifying The Geekier Side Of Mac OS X (0596009127, $34.
Well don't, because Al Pacino, of all people, has devoted a good part of the decade to demystifying Shakespeare, and a whole lot more about the mysterious process of acting, for you.
The notion of sex as mechanistic--familiar from such Dada artists as Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp--is pointedly demystifying and antiromantic, but the notion of sex as animalistic, while subject to the same rhetoric of disenchantment, is more a topos of popular culture than of avant-garde art: it tends to be used to exoticize and romanticize.
Schullery writes with an articulate flair about flying fishing in western culture; fly fishing in the Yellowstone country in 1870; fly fishing in the Yellowstone country in the 20th century, fly fishing rivers in folklore and history, fly fishing as sport and to put food on the table; spiritual aspects of fly fishing; demystifying some "sacred cows" of fly fishing, and how the life lessons of fly fishing have historical reached far beyond casting a line in a pond, stream, lake or river.
Not embalmed with nitty-gritty technology details, this is a true Dummies book that aims at demystifying SOA and making SOA concepts accessible to the vast numbers of people hearing SOA and clueless about what it really means.
QUALCOMM has brought commitment and vision to the mobile development community, and we are thrilled at the invitation to participate on the Demystifying LBS panel at the BREW 2006 Conference.
WineStyles, a national franchise demystifying the wine shopping experience, announced today it has sold its 102nd franchise, eclipsing the 100 franchise milestone less than 18 months since its inception in November 2004.
Data Centres Europe takes place at the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel in London, and comprises of a one-day seminar, Demystifying Data Centres, and 2-day conference packed with the latest insight and content relevant to the continuing growth in the sector.
PITTSBURGH -- LogicLibrary(R), the leading provider of software development asset (SDA) management tools, today released Demystifying SOA, Software Reuse and Metadata Catalogs, a white paper that details the insights offered at a recent roundtable featuring three prominent experts on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and software reuse.