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make less mysterious or remove the mystery from


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The Podtrac Media Planner demystifies the process of advertising in audio and view podcast and quality serial user generated content by providing instant access to the world's largest database of podcast demographics based on the Podtrac Audience Insights Survey, developed in conjunction with Mediamark Research Inc.
SOA is the most important initiative facing IT today and is difficult to grasp; this book demystifies the complex topic of SOA and makes it accessible to all those people who hear the term but arent really sure what it means
This well-written book demystifies the bread-making process.
In addition, I look forward to providing information that further demystifies the value of RFID-enabled solutions across multiple industries and business processes.
This book demystifies the operations and scheduling environment, presenting simplified and easy to understand models, applied to straightforward and practical examples.
Having built the world's first email application server, the company's latest release further demystifies email deliverability with the introduction of enhanced reporting and self-help delivery diagnostic features, more comprehensive Bounce Management, Actionable Reporting for optimal deliverability and Live Updates for ongoing compliance with ever-changing industry standards, regulations and best practices required for proactive deliverability success.
The informative CD demystifies the practice of network and circuit long-range extension by using fiber optic technology.
Math Arena demystifies math concepts for children, and parents and teachers have found it an excellent tool because its meets a range of learning needs.
As a news outlet that demystifies the Executive Branch and today's business, we felt that it was important that we demystify the candidates as well," added Downs.
The authors offer The Gorilla Game readers insight into the high-technology market's innermost workings with a proven investment framework that demystifies the world of high-technology stock investing with a low-risk, high reward approach to technology investing.
Online Auctions at eBay demystifies the ins and outs of online bidding and selling, and readers have enthusiastically offered critical acclaim.
COM with access to this information demystifies the practice of law and enables them to make better informed decisions about important life matters, from buying their first home to conducting estate planning," said Andreozzi.
Using these problem-solution scenarios and a strong animated branding device, Infoseek demystifies the benefits of the Internet for consumers, emphasizing what they can do and where they can do it -- GO Network.
TCP/IP: Concepts and Applications demystifies communication through the Internet by describing how and why the TCP/IP suite has become the most popular set of internetworking protocols in the world.