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make less mysterious or remove the mystery from


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Greco will join Web Analytics Demystified founder Eric T.
IQ Workforce, a leading recruiting firm in the web and marketing analytics marketplace, today announced a partnership with Web Analytics Demystified to provide an unprecedented level of support for companies investing in digital measurement resources.
Lovett joins Web Analytics Demystified from a leading Independent Research Firm where he served as a Senior Analyst writing for Customer Intelligence professionals.
Web Analytics Demystified provides highly customized web analytics consulting to companies of all sizes working with technology like Omniture, WebTrends, Coremetrics, Unica, Nedstat, and Google Analytics.
The donation was made equally by Coremetrics, the leading provider of online marketing and business optimization solutions, SiteSpect, the leading provider of non-intrusive multivariate testing and behavioral targeting technology, and Web Analytics Demystified, the world's most recognized and respected web analytics consulting group.
Also available as an ebook, Investing Demystified avoids excessive jargon and defines investment lingo in plain terms; the result is accessible to readers of all backgrounds.
It promises mushrooms will be demystified on a fun family trail, and "those taking part can discover the myths and legends that surround the fungi of the forest.
The author of Biotechnology Demystified introduces biochemistry to students in the life sciences via a well-pruned path through the subject's complexity.
Ascot will now be a place where the sport of horseracing is transformed into an open, demystified and spectacular event"
Author Matteson is a user and expert who demystified the Linux system and outlines its fun applications.
Dubbed the Ballet Boyz, they charmingly demystified ballet in two series of popular video diaries.
Miller has identified many pitfalls in relationships and has demystified the process of making an enlightened choice.
Although not completely a vegetarian book, The Indian Grocery Store Demystified offers a lot of useful information for vegans looking to cook with items bought in Indian markets.
The process will be further demystified as digital TV and digital cell phone banking applications become available.