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loss of the myelin covering of some nerve fibers resulting in their impaired function

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The tissue in the area was "thinned and destroyed," with nerve tissue actually gone and demyelinization detected.
Although the causes of fatigue in patients with MS are unknown, there is some indication that primary fatigue results from physical changes caused by MS, such as demyelinization, inflammation, and axonal loss in the central nervous system (Bakshi, 2003; Kos et al.
Note: Overly rapid [Na+] increase can lead to serious neurologic sequelae associated osmotic demyelinization syndrome.
Some anxiety also may be related to demyelinization and brain function.
The observations presented here suggest that additional studies are needed on neural damage and/or axonal demyelinization in symptomatic Gulf War veterans.
This progressive demyelinization is initially an inflammatory process that ultimately leads to the destruction of the nerve.