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(law) a formal objection to an opponent's pleadings

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Sam's demurral when Rosie trivializes everything he has accomplished so far is done not just out of decorum or politeness towards his beloved.
And indeed, a sense of lively conversation--complete with polite demurrals and vigorous disagreements--pervades the volume, which had its beginnings in a seminar at the 2001 Shakespeare Association of America convention.
Yet, suspending the breathless demurrals, qualifications, and the honest questions as well--all that--what does this lookout point permit us to observe about Anti-Zionists of all stripes, the Jewish ones included?
Soon many were vocalizing the desire that he actually read one of his sixty-one poems, and after some demurrals and much false-seeming embarrassment, he relented.
Here are spelled out the author's debts to and demurrals from Dash, James Clifford, Neil ten Kortenaar, Timothy Brennan, Anne McClintock, and Jahan Ramazani, among many others.
Again and again there are strange demurrals to research the most basic history of ideas, posit thoughts or even pose questions, as in this passage, which begins with a few lines from Marston's 1601 poem "To Perfection":
In the heat of Bush's new ipse dixit and his Evangelical zeal to save the Muslim world, Bhabha's reading can only throw us back on the imperial soap box shouting and forcing rational infiltrations, evidentiary demurrals, detours of splits, corpus delicti, and stoppages.
If some persons who received the invitation letter decided to withdraw prior to their regional meeting, the CA staff selected other persons within the available pool to replace the demurrals, respecting gender, age, electoral district and sequence number.
They clearly echo Monet's Water Lilies and other garden subjects like The Japanese Footbridge, and the Grande Vallee cycle is deeply indebted to the Impressionist master, never mind the repeated demurrals by the catalogue authors.
Sobel's demurrals are to no avail; he is essentially bullied into treating the gangster.
Despite the several demurrals I have made about this book, there can be little doubt that any serious scholar of book and reading history (and not just those specializing in the last three centuries) will want to have it on his/her shelves.
Despite the demurrals of others in the room who said family members shouldn't be harassed, Sally said she was going ahead and would "even be civil and polite and non-offensive--anything to see if I can get a reaction" and that "if I get a response, I will post my e-mail and the response here.
Despite Jablin's demurrals, HGTV has clearly made its mark on the American public.