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(law) a formal objection to an opponent's pleadings

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Gazellus's demurral at the idea of Christ and Mahomet being involved in the victory could suggest that religious faith is simply the wrong lens through which to interpret the world.
Sam's demurral when Rosie trivializes everything he has accomplished so far is done not just out of decorum or politeness towards his beloved.
Pastor Gabriel Herlin mentions in the demurral to the decision with which the Consistory of Estland on 12 January 1687 (PK 2003:88-101) rejected the modernization plan of Forselius that in the Swedish Bible the long vowels are marked double, as in toom, haaff, graas, froo, traa, baar etc.
No such demurral is offered when it comes to feminist concerns about the occlusion of women's voices within Irish Studies.
His last demurral, in May, triggered two weeks of fighting with the al-Hashed tribal confederation led by the al-Ahmar family, culminating in a June 3 attack on Saleh's palace.
His demurral again was correct: the North Koreans were advancing, not fleeing.
This was readily agreed to--no demurral there--and so the four names appeared.
Bolano's canonization has taken place so rapidly and completely, and with so little demurral, that one can only reluctantly pile aboard the bandwagon.
As a result, neither the existence of an evidentiary gap nor scientific demurral from bridging that gap excuses the fact-finder from proceeding further in the causal inquiry.
According to the author, who cites Emmet Fox without demurral, "thoughts .
Such a weak demurral is difficult to believe given the fact that the primary source of credible information about the man was provided by his own father, someone likely to know the name of the "Nigerian" meeting with terrorists in Yemen.
Targoff seems simply unaware of the significance of the text to which she refers, and evidently the expert readers of her manuscript offered no demurral.
Falstaff's knowing joke about the clock that did not yet stand in Shrewsbury prefigures Orlando's naive demurral about clocks in forests in As You Like It.
14) This is in fact his "second" recusatio for writing Domitianic epic, echoing his first demurral in Theb.
Then there is the inevitable demurral from any claim that the truth that has been discovered is, in fact, the Truth.