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a charge required as compensation for the delay of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure

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detention of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure

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We have spoken to customs authorities and they have agreed to grant us a delayed detention certificate, after which the terminal operators are legally required to give us a waiver on demurrage charges,' Mohammad Aamir, Secretary General of the Karachi Customs Agents Association told Dawn.
Section 14A(2) of the Customs Act of 1969, requires all demurrage charges to be waived or refunded which are 'received on account of delay because of no fault of the importers or exporters'
According to NPA acting Managing Director, the move is President Weah's desire to bring relief to consignees who have incurred huge storage and demurrage debts on the abandoned containers being considered under this waiver order .
It is because of the bad state of the roads that cargo owners are forced to pay more in demurrages on their cargoes that are trapped inside the ports.
OCAC argued that the contradiction led to delay in the discharge of cargo from anchored vessels and importers were forced to pay unnecessary demurrage charges.
However, in some cases, the shipper is entitled to pay the demurrage stipulated by the shipping line when the consignee does not appears at the port of discharge .
We have to rush home to avoid demurrage charges and detention but the Afghan police tease us on different pretexts, he said.
VWR's redesign of its West Coast shipping operation incorporates a newly designed pool distribution strategy that reduces demurrage and drayage costs, improves next-day delivery and has greatly increased efficiency in the region.
This is to avoid delays in the release of donations, which result in accumulating storage, demurrage and wharfage fees.
He added that demurrage costs have also risen for shipments to eastern Shandong province where most of the new buyers are located, because of the recent high demand which has strained port facilities.
With the help of Standard Chartered, we can now enjoy much faster turnaround times by utilising the BPO for trade settlement, and in the process, avoid additional costs such as commission and demurrage charges.
Adding insult to injury, he noted that shippers were penalized with demurrage and detention charges through no fault or delays of their own.
Simultaneously, since trucks are associated with individual customers instead of the MCB, significant funds are also spent on underutilized ground transportation assets, expedited ground transportation assets, and demurrage that often lengthens delivery times.
The trader said that he had to pay more as demurrage charges had gone up," said a businessman.
He was burned last year when Egypt's financial difficulties delayed its payment for cargoes, leading to demurrage charges.