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Synonyms for demur

Synonyms for demur

Synonyms for demur

(law) a formal objection to an opponent's pleadings

take exception to


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enter a demurrer

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Instead, he posits one of his own: that the Soviet experience and the Cold War comprised just one of several demurs.
There are two innovative aspects to the Washu, which Callum, when asked whether it isn't a rendition of the one-box design, demurs and suggests that it is more of a "one-and-a-quarter box.
As Americans look for economic leadership, President Bush demurs.
Now as I understand these facts about biblical anthropology they imply something from which Sennett demurs.
If a firm demurs because of confidentiality concerns, ask them to omit confidential material or references to specific clients.
Asked if he's glamorized Chinatown's ghetto qualities, Jin demurs that he was simply providing exposure to a little-known ethnic enclave, claiming such critics are the same impossible crowd crying foul were nothing Asian stressed in his work.
But he demurs that he doesn't want to criticize Israel in detail because ``butchers do what butchers do.
Alloway demurs, arguing that Rosenberg "makes the impersonation and parody the mainspring of Gorky's life and art.
Once a developer finds the land he wants to acquire and a city planning board approves the project, the CRDA simply makes a purchase offer and, if the owner demurs, asks a state court to condemn the property.
If the Supreme Court demurs, New York officials and other Aguilar opponents will have to file a fresh legal challenge and bring it up through the federal court system step by step, a process that could take years.