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Synonyms for demotion

the act or an instance of demoting

Antonyms for demotion

act of lowering in rank or position

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AP) -- State lawmakers want a review of open-meeting law issues raised in the November demotion of Community College of Southern Nevada president Ron Remington by regents.
The latest quarterly shake-out of falling stocks saw the demotion of computer services group Logica and chip designer ARM Holdings.
A second round of layoffs, demotions and transfers will occur in the fall, depending on the county's financial picture at the time, Wallace said.
While he is looking to save some $250,000 with his department's restructuring, Chief DeMoura acknowledged that the demotions will only provide a portion of that savings.
I have stated from the outset of the fiscal year 2012 budget (process) that layoffs and demotions are the path of last resort," he said.
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The demotion of two Community College of Southern Nevada officials by Nevada university regents has spawned a lawsuit, open meetings and whistleblower complaints and demands for the release of a key 1,000-page report.
The steps of positive discipline start with a coaching and counseling session with supervisors and then move to an oral reminder, a written warning, a one-day suspension, demotion, and then termination.
Banks and Piersol have called the demotions unfair and have asked to have their salaries restored for a year so they can have more time to consider retirement or other options.
The Mariners' final big-league demotions will play a factor too.
A panel of elected city officials decided Thursday not to block the demotions of LAPD assistant chiefs Frank Piersol and Ron Banks amid concern that it would undermine the police chief's authority.
A City Council panel took testimony but no action Thursday on a request by LAPD Assistant Chiefs Ron Banks and Frank Piersol to reverse demotions recently imposed on them by interim chief Bayan Lewis.
In this case, Ferraro is scheduled to meet today with Interim Police Chief Bayan Lewis to discuss the demotions of two assistant chiefs - Ron Banks and Frank Piersol.
Today's demotions don't necessarily look like those 20 years ago, in which you went from being a boss back to a worker bee.
Despite objections by Mayor Richard Riordan, City Council President John Ferraro asked city analysts Monday to investigate council options regarding the anticipated demotions of two assistant police chiefs.
Nearly 800 Los Angeles County workers from throughout the sprawling county health system will be given notices today that they face layoffs, demotions or transfers Oct.