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Synonyms for demoralization

destroying the moral basis for a doctrine or policy

a state of disorder and confusion

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depression resulting from an undermining of your morale

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The source said the parade aims to make up for demoralization caused by losing Mosul, which Iraqi commanders announced recapturing totally on Sunday, Shafaq News reported.
com/science/article/pii/0010440X82900852) demoralization was originally coined in the 1970s by a psychiatrist who was seeing patients that didn't quite meet full criteria for major depression.
Drawing on firsthand accounts found in letters, diaries, and memoirs by service personnel and witnesses, the book describes the rapid demoralization of American GIs as they dealt with displaced persons, refugees, and concentration camp survivors, and chronicles their protests against military policies that forced them to remain in occupied countries.
While no graphic sexual details are shared, there is a discussion about the demoralization of Winter and her sister being used by men for sex, to the point where Winter is unable, years later, to even come close to a man without feeling anxiety.
The Committee observed certain flaws in the preparation of the team for the Belgium event including the failure to organize training camps well in time, appropriate selection of players and officials on merit, the fitness level of the players and the management of the players during the tournament which resulted in total demoralization of the team, whic led to such a debacle.
IS reliance on foreign fighters may minimize demoralization among the local forces while suggesting a level of support for the rigid interpretations of Islam.
Strongly condemning the incident, the CM said the purpose of this terrorist attack was to create the sense of insecurity among the citizens and demoralization of the security forces, which is actually the work of the enemies of peace but it would never work.
Demoralization of administrative staff has led to a situation where QAU, in spite of having an administrative set up four times the size of the faculty, is a poorly managed institution.
He continues the argument he began in the first volume, specifying systems and forms of differentiation, examining stratified societies, societal consequences, and protest movements, and then turns to self-description, observing self-observation, the semantics of Old Europe, demoralization, and modernization.
The study by researchers at the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health reports that maternal demoralization, a measure of psychological distress capable of affecting a mother's ability to cope with stressful situations, was linked with a number of behavioural problems, including anxiety, depression, attention problems, rule-breaking, externalizing problems, and aggressive behaviour.
More precisely, demoralization is predicated on a kind of paralysis flowing from anxieties about instability, unfair singling out, and majoritarian expropriation that can be sparked in legal transitions.
Throughout history, cotton production in Tanzania has been faced with low productivity, poor cotton quality and a low level of mechanization that has resulted in demoralization of cotton farmers, who started opting for alternative cash crops such as tobacco.
This terrorist act directed to destabilization of the situation in the country and demoralization of society.
To abandon all amenities is to court demoralization.
a system that does not overthrow existing political arrangements but parasitically occupies and empties them of efficacy: that has no need of charismatic leadership, collective mobilization, or compulsory fervor but operates through individual privatization, demoralization, and uncertainty.