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destructive of morale and self-reliance

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In another tweet, the PTI chief said: 'What a terrible and demoralising message has gone out to the nation, esp [especially] the youth: that there is nothing wrong with being corrupt.
By all means castigate the PM if he is guilty of causing offence to NHS Wales workers, but the Labour Party in Wales should be even-handed in its criticism and also look within its own ranks at their own demoralising agents.
CHRISTCHURCH -- Pakistan coach Waqar Younis Wednesday insisted his team would bounce back in the World Cup despite a demoralising defeat against rival India, a loss he blamed on an inability to handle bigmatch pressure.
Whatmore, who coached Sri Lanka to World Cup victory in 1996, said such reports were aimed at demoralising the team.
I just want to make it clear to him that he should not make such demoralising statements.
It is difficult enough for residents to get together but it is demoralising when you get treated as though what you say doesn't matter.
Summary: Rangers fall to a demoralising Champions League defeat to Sevilla after a second-half collapse at Ibrox.
MIDFIELDER Simon Davies insists Wales cannot afford any more demoralising results in their all-but doomed Euro 2008 quest.
After our demoralising UEFA Cup exit we need to lift our heads, go out fighting and try to regain some much-needed respect, showing the fans that we could still achieve something come the end of the season.
Bootle Labour MP Joe Benton said: ``It must stand as one of the most demoralising statements by any leader of any party ever.
I had one decent hole on a very demoralising day,' he said.
Jean Hart, headteacher of Throston Primary School, in Hartlepool, said: "These tables do not help teachers assess children and are very damaging to children and demoralising to staff.
As for the NHS foot soldiers, the junior doctors and nurses, there's no question that a low star rating is demoralising.