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Synonyms for demoralised

made less hopeful or enthusiastic

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You would never read that seven out of ten company bosses were so demoralised that they wanted to quit.
Children cannot learn in undisciplined classes in schools where teachers are demoralised, undervalued and unable to maintain order.
The company will encourage its clients to engage in such activities as scrubbing the teeth of Pygmy hippos (pictured) to boost the morale of demoralised staff.
These were the actions, not of a caring compassionate teacher but one who deliberately demoralised Amir and drove him to take his own life.
The staff are the most demoralised workforce in British television and are extremely disappointed at the way the company has been run down.
If such senior leader will make such statements, then the activists of BJP will get demoralised," he said.
23 Sickened Sam Warburton admits he's demoralised after Wales missed out on a win over the Wallabies at the last gasp in Melbourne yesterday.
However, Sen's transfer (she has been promoted to Deputy Inspector General) has demoralised the police force and a large section of senior bureaucrats.
Today they are more overworked and even more demoralised.
Mr Opperman said he believed teachers were demoralised and demotivated by "the legacy of a national curriculum designed by ideologues and policed to a certain extent by bureaucrats.
NORTHERN Soul-inspired SKINT & DEMORALISED, who arrive in the area tonight, is a fusion of spoken word performance poetry and Northern Soul grooves that stems from a musical collaboration between 20-year-old Wakefield wordsmith Matt Abbott (pictured left) and mysterious Sheffield songwriter/producer MiNI dOG.
I think if the hospital is sold off, much of the staff will feel very concerned and demoralised.
If people become demoralised and despondent through lack of encouragement and incentive the fabric of society is at peril.
If you are not demoralised, we shall defeat them," Rahul said in an interaction with party workers via Google Hangout.
Health service union Unison said staff were demoralised over the closure of one orthopaedic ward and the redeployment of 50 staff from Prince Philip hospital in Llanelli.