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tending to express your feelings freely

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Thus, in hypertensive patients extroversion and communication skills were combined with emotive signs: emotions, sensuality, anxiety, impressionability, "close to tears," the desire to avoid conflicts in the background of demonstrativeness and of hyperthymity.
And Lady Geraldine is noted for her animation and demonstrativeness in speech, as well as for her faint Hibernian inflections that distinguish her from both common Irishwomen and common English ladies.
Regarding the woodenness, it's to do with the Captain's hands which are of a sign-level language of demonstrativeness.
Bush and Singh had a warm chemistry, but all the demonstrativeness of warmth came from Bush, not Singh
Jackson wrote essays during his stay covering such subjects as the demonstrativeness of German theatregoers ("Booing is quite a rare practice in my country; compare this with Germany, where thus far one out of every dozen productions I have seen has received a boo") and the German theatre's unbridled pessimism ("The Schaubuhne, like a lot of German theatres, prefers these days to focus on the severity and ugliness of things").
In comparison, the sorts of sights offered in such places as Africa and America, though undoubtedly very exciting, would, I am sure, strike the objective viewer as inferior on account of their unseemly demonstrativeness.
Primarily this type of controller is used in Sensorika Laboratory educational robots where demonstrativeness and ease of study is most important.