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a pronoun that points out an intended referent

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In (6), an indefinite adjective occurs in an NP whose definiteness is signaled by the demonstrative pronoun taj, while in (7) the numeral/article jedan 'a; one' indicates the indefiniteness of the NP (see Section 2.
The demonstrative pronouns in Veps have been treated in a detailed study of Larjavaara (1986).
The demonstrative pronoun refers to given information, and is also marked for contrastive focus.
This definition confines demonstrative pronouns to neutral uses, a decision which may be problematic in the case of English, since this language does not have different forms for neutral demonstratives.
The anacoluthon--replacing the first person imperfect with the demonstrative pronoun and the present tense--reflects the break between past and present in the very syntax of the sentence.
When the antecedent of "this," "that," "these," "those" is unmistakable, you may use the demonstrative pronoun all by itself.
In his hands, then, the paratactic proposal involves the claim that every instance of the "that" of indirect speech (every instance of the complementizer) is also an instance of the equiform demonstrative pronoun.
Huehnergard's vocalization of the demonstrative pronoun hnd as simply [hanadu] (which, to be fair, he gives with a question mark in the discussion on p.
pronoun--word used in place of a noun or to indicate an amount; see also personal pronoun, possessive pronoun, relative pronoun, reflexive pronoun, demonstrative pronoun, interrogative pronoun
Gulya has paid attention to the fact that if the Nenets direct object is expressed by a personal or demonstrative pronoun, the indefinite conjugation is used instead of the definite one (Gulya 1995 : 99; see also Wickman 1997 : 218; Pusztay 2001 : 72).
The other was the short demonstrative pronoun da/di, which is almost nonexistent in Syria, neither has it been attested in earlier dialectal material from the area (see Jerome Lentin, Recherches sur l'histoire de la langue arabe au Proche-Orient a l'epoque moderne, 2 vols.
Efficiency rules include using simple words and expressions, omitting superfluous words, using the active voice and avoiding double negatives, while effectiveness rules include beginning by stating the object of the exercise and avoiding using a demonstrative pronoun as a noun.
6) There is also no independent set of demonstrative adverbs ('here', 'there') corresponding to the pronouns; rather, a demonstrative pronoun with a locative postposition is used ('there' = 'at that (one)'; cf.
2) The verb of the principal clause, onguldon, has a noun clause as its object; the noun clause is anticipated by a demonstrative pronoun, thaes (the genitive of paet(9)), to which it is in apposition: 'Their descendants have afterwards been grievously punished for this, (namely) that they ate that food against the Eternal One's command.
86), as evident in spellings of the proclitic prepositions and conjunctions, the definite article, demonstrative pronoun and relative complementizer, the object marker, and some nouns (pp.