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a pronoun that points out an intended referent

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An example of the latter distinction would be the existence in French of a gender-and number-variable demonstrative pronoun (celui/celle-ci `this one (masc.
the structure equates the given element defined by the demonstrative pronoun with the proposition expressed in the subordinate clause:
the object must have a status of "given" information: in Polish the relevant signals are: demonstrative pronoun preceding the noun, sentence initial position of the noun, absence of sentence stress on the noun (cf.
In closing, I return to the non-referential demonstrative pronoun "this" as a physical word on the page that is employed repeatedly and conspicuously in the Sonnets to identify the text without identifying a specific incarnation of it.
The demonstrative pronouns in Veps have been treated in a detailed study of Larjavaara (1986).
Beginning with a demonstrative pronoun, this, the titles--like the arrows themselves--serve to indicate or point: As an arrow points to an object in space, this points to a noun in a sentence.
There are, however, constructions in which the postpositional element is regularly omitted, as in phrases where a demonstrative pronoun (-zih 'this' or -ziya 'that') is the complement.
Does the English demonstrative pronoun 'that' (including complex demonstratives of the form 'that F') have sense and reference?
When the antecedent of "this," "that," "these," "those" is unmistakable, you may use the demonstrative pronoun all by itself.
Gulya has paid attention to the fact that if the Nenets direct object is expressed by a personal or demonstrative pronoun, the indefinite conjugation is used instead of the definite one (Gulya 1995 : 99; see also Wickman 1997 : 218; Pusztay 2001 : 72).
The other was the short demonstrative pronoun da/di, which is almost nonexistent in Syria, neither has it been attested in earlier dialectal material from the area (see Jerome Lentin, Recherches sur l'histoire de la langue arabe au Proche-Orient a l'epoque moderne, 2 vols.
Efficiency rules include using simple words and expressions, omitting superfluous words, using the active voice and avoiding double negatives, while effectiveness rules include beginning by stating the object of the exercise and avoiding using a demonstrative pronoun as a noun.
6) There is also no independent set of demonstrative adverbs ('here', 'there') corresponding to the pronouns; rather, a demonstrative pronoun with a locative postposition is used ('there' = 'at that (one)'; cf.
The original far-deictic plural demonstrative pronoun ahni 'those' (Classical hania) has assumed the function of a general plural demonstrative pronoun.