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serving to prove or demonstrate

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The stages of the restructuring are: I, hic takes the place of is; II, iste extends its scope to the 1st person; III, ipse takes the place of the 2nd person (only in parts of Romania); IV, ille takes the function of personal pronoun of the 3rd person; V, ille or ipse (depending on the region) acquires the function of article; VI, new structures are formed for the expression of reinforcement; and VII, a form of reinforcement (eccille or eccuille) takes the place of demonstrative of 3rd person.
The Phoenix SunseIU blog is demonstrative of the impact interactive Web-based communications can have on sports team audiences," said Dale Borland, CEO of Marqui.
We view the work with Channel One as demonstrative of Thomson's expertise in evolving standard communications networks across a range of sectors into leading-edge broadcasting networks.
Lewis was cited as saying, "This opportunity is demonstrative of the capabilities of Strategy X.
Demonstrative of ECB's sense of community involvement and unique style of banking, the Kitty Hawk Elementary School received a $500 donation during the "money ribbon" cutting ceremony.
Demonstrative of ECB's sense of community and unique style of banking, the Perquimans County Parks and Recreation department received a $500 donation, proceeds from the "money ribbon" used in the cutting.
Demonstrative of these changes, MDU's ratio of funds from operations (FFO) plus interest to interest was a strong 9.
The growth in the number of eBay drop-off locations, as well as the growth in our business operations is demonstrative of the opportunity we are facing.
We believe this installation is demonstrative of that, and during 2006 we should have many more exciting developments to come," Janovec added.
In compiling the IW 50 Best Manufacturing Companies, IW considered financial measures demonstrative of both operational efficiency and market success.
Getting calls from numerous franchisees of six of the Top 15 chains is demonstrative of the opportunity we're facing.
Gloria Agard is demonstrative of the commitment Womble Carlyle has to client service excellence," said Managing Member Keith Vaughan.
sentitO's ONX Alliance is demonstrative of a maturing market yielding technologies geared for a long-term carrier solution.
The positive outlooks in healthcare are not demonstrative of any particular trend within the sector; rather they are attributable to the ability of specific companies to extend operating gains.
That the lawsuit has been dismissed so soon after its filing is demonstrative of how frivolous the claim was.