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in an obvious and provable manner

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The goal was to determine if using the same high-caliber training relied upon by investment banks would demonstrably improve the hire rate of SEO interns.
It's a diet that agrees with the creature, since he's demonstrably smarter than the other folks in the museum.
Nearly 200 years after the industrial revolution, it is a tragic fact and demonstrably unnecessary that half the world's population is living in abject poverty and misery," he said, "and yet there already exists a wealth of both science and practical examples of the kinds of solutions that would end world poverty.
The allegations are without foundation and demonstrably and provably false and I am completely confident that I will be fully exonerated.
Fortunately, they are also demonstrably and provably false.
The public has to see and be satisfied that we have got the message that there is public displeasure, that the process has to be changed and there must be consequences for past claims if they can be shown to be demonstrably wrong or extravagant.
Opening his summing up to the jury after the six-month hearing, Lord Justice Scott Baker said many of Mohamed al Fayed's conspiracy theories about the crash were "so demonstrably without foundation" that even his lawyer was no longer pursuing them.
In its 2007 Corporate Responsibility Review, published this week, Tesco said: "We believe that Tesco stores have been demonstrably good for the high street and neighbourhoods, not a threat to them.
Herman Miller, however, remains convinced that its new European headquarters building, designed by Gensler, is representative of its evolving core values, demonstrably providing a more humane working environment for its staff who have relocated from the rather unsatisfactorily modified YRM factory in Bath.
For a diploma to have any meaning in the work force or college admissions offices, it must be demonstrably connected to real achievement.
Taking issue with numerous demonstrably false writings about Jesus' trial that have been harmful to Christian-Jewish relations and dialogues, Jesus on Trial dissects the gospel account word by word at length, in full context of the social and political realities of the era.
Joachim Distinguished Service Award was first presented in 1994 and was established to recognize an individual for voluntary leadership and service which have significantly and demonstrably contributed to the advancement of the Association.
But it's demonstrably true that a combination of alternative energies (especially wind, solar and bio-fuels) and conservation could put us on a clean energy path.
The Conservative party and social conservatives have the right idea--the billions of dollars to be squandered on daycare should be given to parents, who are demonstrably the best caregivers for their children.
And since the key figure who orchestrated this campaign has admitted to doing so on video, this is demonstrably a case of conspiracy fact--not conspiracy "theory.