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make into a demon


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Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians.
I suspect Cavanaugh was exposed to materials demonizing the man during his formative years in Catholic school.
I confess that dematerializing, as long as it is done in a melting pot, still seems preferable to demonizing, but then I live in Kansas.
To many Japanese who have been exposed to years of Aura demonizing by media outlets, the mundane scenes of daily life in the cult are quietly disturbing.
Is there something peculiarly American about its demonizing on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender?
Bishop Terry Brown ("Something is very wrong here," May 2003) comes very closer to demonizing those who disagree with him.
Gardner is at his best when he looks at the early period when whites had the literary field largely to themselves and were freely demonizing nonwhites in order to establish the rhetorical and literary foundations of Americanness.
Along the way, he shows Limbaugh to be the ad hominum king whose demonizing and radicalizing of liberal causes -- for example, "femi-Nazis," "welfare queens," and "environmental wachos" -- immediately cuts off meaningful dialogue of substantive complex issues.
He condemned Anthony Eden for demonizing Nasser; he does not mention Bush's demonizing Noriega and Saddam Hussein.
By demonizing physicians as drug dealers and exaggerating the health risk of pain management, the federal government has made physicians scapegoats for the failed drug war.
When will we stop demonizing (suicidal) and glorifying (overcoming hopeless odds) our youth and accept them as ordinary adolescents?
Their respectful yet strong statement refers to the language in recent church documents regarding gays and lesbians as demonizing, abusive, vile, toxic and increasingly violent.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, witches are explored in Nancy Hayes' "Negarivizing Nurture and Demonizing Domesticity: The Witch Construct in Early Modern Germany," which focuses on the witch as "the negative maternal, the deprive r of her children's food and comfort, the Other to the Mother" (179), while Kathryn Schwarz's fascinating "Mother Love: Cliches and Amazons in Early Modern England" places the Amazon in the middle of the ongoing tension over maternity, with texts "[imagining her] in a simultaneously intimate and disruptive relationship to domestic structures" (294).
James Hahn, Gil Garcetti, Bernard Parks and the Los Angeles Times are guilty of demonizing the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department.
The uproar over same-sex marriage is the greatest, thing to happen to the Republican Party since Richard Nixon's handlers perfected the art of demonizing the black underclass in 1968--a strategy that helped the Republicans win five of the next six presidential elections, culminating in George Bush I's notorious Willie Horton ads, which helped to ensure Michael Dukakis's defeat in 1988.