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make into a demon


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And our church continues today to inflict on us this "two-nature anthropology" (code word "complementarity") that divinizes men and demonizes women.
It certainly demonizes the junkie life like nothing before, so the threat of it making a glamorized impression is negligible.
This highly effective combination, which demonizes feminism while asserting that it's anachronistic, has played a major role in the stunting of feminist and leftist possibilities in the United States.
The notorious killer doll resurrects once again as the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray who demonizes young Andy Barclay's doll to try and possess his soul.
I will concede there is nothing wrong with being a gay Republican, but I swear it seems like the rule in the GOP is that you can be gay as long as you work for someone who demonizes the GLBT community.