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make into a demon


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I disagree that the schools have been unfairly demonized, in this and other instances--in fact, I believe I have often been too moderate in my statements.
Women have been literally demonized from Genesis to Paul to Tertullian, "You [women] are the devil's gateway," to Aquinas, "Women are defective and misbegotten males," to the 1976 Vatican Declaration on the Admission of Women to the Ministerial Priesthood, which states that women cannot be priests because they do not bear a "natural resemblance" to Christ.
Scientists involved in policy matters may be perplexed because the concern involves common foods in widespread use for many years rather than the novel foods demonized by many anti-technology activists.
Gutierrez became Breslin's near-forgotten martyr, rescued from obscurity to symbolize the struggle of an invisible workforce, demonized by lawmakers yet fueling the American economy with its cheap labor.
Graves, a complex figure who tends to be demonized by some and lauded by others, receives a fair and balanced treatment in Hall's article.
Headlines describing the secret "nexus" quickly hit the front pages, while editorials demonized privatization.
In such environments, change agents are marginalized, demonized, driven to suicide, or otherwise got rid of.
A way to recognize people who through out the day are often ignored, and even demonized.
With no sense of their opponents' humanity, they blithely demonized innocent people.
As in her first novel, The Four Temperaments (2002)--which, among other things, also concerns adultery and its corrosive effects upon a marriage--McDonough here skillfully devotes each chapter to the perspective of a different character, thus clarifying each individual's motivations so that no one is demonized for his or her actions.
And in Greece, as in too many other European countries, the tiny Jewish community suffers from resurgent anti-Semitism, as well as guilt by association with demonized Israel.
Partly it's because on some big subjects, they've been proved broadly correct: Welfare reform was hugely demonized, but it seems to have worked.
In fact, for years San Francisco's Downtown has been demonized by the city's left-leaning politicians for failing to pay its alleged 'fair share' for services.
We've been ignored, marginalized, demonized, dehumanized.