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a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)

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Given the demonism of the poetic word there is no room for a priori compositional rules.
Analysed in their direct significance, the events described do not by far possess the overcharge of violence, the demonism that the writer ascribes to them.
The Devil and Demonism does not directly challenge historical interpretations of witchcraft demonology, but rather focuses on the devil's unexceptional role in the lives of early modern men and women.
Johnstone is wise to analyze early-modern notions of demonism on their own, historically-contingent terms, rather than portraying them as a confused remnant of medieval ideas or a tentative precursor of Enlightenment nostrums about the nature of evil.
At root a lexicon of feeling and of the consequences of felt occurrences, the demonism explored here leads us to the commonplace as well as to the extraordinary.
16) Politicians who vouchsafe the moral quality of their acts by categorical ideals flirt with a sort of demonism in having "associated the quality of a divine command to a human velleity.
He describes aspects of demonism that were most prominent across the various genres.
But, Auerbach states that the female invasion of religious iconography is also one agent of the radically new sort of terror, which, in the nineteenth century, conflated divinity with demonism.
As Christianity moved throughout Europe and the Middle Ages found religion at the center of the philosophical main stage, practitioners became increasingly concerned with the sin and demonism that seemed to be at the core of paganism and witchcraft.
This comprehensive picture might, of course, be misleading if the reader forgets that all these remarks are made through Nelly Dean's narrative voice mediated by Lockwood, (9) consequently they cannot be taken for granted as judgements of Heathcliffs character but rather as signs of some beliefs and superstitions such as demonism, Satanism and lycanthropy common in Victorian literature.
New exorcism ministries were brought into being to deal with the sudden onslaught of demonism, and older ministries were rejuvenated and found themselves with more business than they could possibly handle.
The strong influence of magic and demonism on African religions made much of African life unhappy and savage," said the teacher's edition of one Bob Jones University Press book.
There are many indications of the emergence of this demonism, identical with the increasing helplessness and uncertainty of Europe against it and within itself.
Rowe is certainly right that James textualizes sexuality in these tales, but I think he exaggerates James's dependence on lesbian demonism and thus obscures some of the complexities of the male-male relationships he does represent.