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make into a demon


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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has urged against demonising bank debtors in the country.
People who have addiction problems will inevitably find ways of getting drugs or alcohol, mainly through criminal routes, and demonising them will take away any important interaction they may have with wider society.
ADULTS must move away from demonising young people and recognise the contribution youngsters make to society, the Children's Commissioner for England has urged.
Maley writes: "If demonising is one colonialist approach to the Other, then dematerialising is another.
MARTIN McGuinness has been accused of demonising East Belfast after he hit out at the unionist response to racist attacks in the area.
Lothian and Borders deputy chief constable Bill Skelly said: "It risks demonising and alienating law-abiding 18- to 20-year-olds.
He criticised the party - currently withholding support for the new policing structures - for demonising the PSNI and the Police Board.