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MOST Welsh teenagers worry about money, feel demonised by adults and don't think politicians care about what they say.
My view is that proprietary trading has been demonised.
India has demonised Mohammad Ali Jinnah just as Pakistan has demonised Mahatma Gandhi, or [Jawaharlal] Nehru or [Sardar Vallabhbhai] Patel," he said, referring to India's iconic independence leader, the country's first prime minister and first home minister respectively.
I am not prepared to let our struggle be demonised, or to be caught in a downward spiral that leads inexorably to a return to violence.
A solution must be found whereby no school closes, nobody is demonised and children are put first.
I met this plucky lady a few times during that drawn-out affair where she was demonised by some small minds within the church after admitting having sex with a parishioner.
The SDLP chairman said: "For republicans, including Sinn Fein, to complain wearily about being demonised and to demonise those in the police, what they do is create an environment where gullible people, reckless people and dissident people feel fully justified and empowered to go and do what they did last night.
I became the public face (of the disaster) and was demonised and vilified.
They're hoping that Mrs Blair - or rather Ms Booth - will be demonised, as Hillary was demonised as the White House power harpy who ran Bill.
At a time when Muslims are being demonised for the actions of a tiny minority, our children need to gain a proper understanding of the occupation of Palestine and learn compassion and not fear and hatred.
You have some very angry communities now who feel frightened, betrayed and let down by the way you have exploited the Trojan Horse hoax and demonised them.
He is now a convicted man in prison, but does that merit him being demonised nationally as a criminal, being forced to go hungry because of state-controlled meal allowances?
But she said: "I think Brian is a genuinely decent person, as is everyone who was in the Government - and we're all being demonised.
Edinburgh, Aug 23 (ANI): A military historian, Matthew Low, has unearthed German propaganda postcard of the First World War which shows how the Kaiser's army demonised Scottish soldiers and Indo-Chinese and Sikhs as savage barbarians.
Trade union leaders are routinely demonised by parts of the media just for being trade union leaders or even - god forbid - members of the Labour Party.