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make into a demon


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After more than two months of negotiations, Armstrong's lawyer Tim Herman said the disgraced cyclist wouldn't participate in a process designed only to demonise selected individuals.
There are far more attacks on humans by humans than by any other animal on the planet, yet there are - quite rightly - no calls to demonise and persecute the entire human race due to the actions of the few.
Andrew, who has acted in his trade role since 2001, said: "I don't want to demonise the banking and financial sector.
Organisations who demonise begging, be they Government or well-intentioned agencies, may be risking further isolation of people in vulnerable situ-ationminimising opportunities for them to be brought back into society.
It is no solution to separate and demonise the whole faith because of the actions of fanatics.
If you want to demonise a community, you use words that demonise," said Muzaffar Chishti, the director of the Migration Policy Institute at New York University School of Law.
The Association of Palestinian Communities in Scotland today condemned inflammatory teaching materials given to young children in a North Lanarkshire school which seeks to demonise Palestinians.
Everyone should be able to enjoy Hallowe'en but I urge all retailers to behave more responsibly - don't demonise mental illness.
The National Union of Students has refused to condemn the Islamic State because they say it would it would demonise Muslims.
This is a further attempt by Martin McGuinness to demonise East Belfast.
I look forward to the time that this economically barren coalition will be thrown out on their ears so we can vilify and demonise them as they struggle to find employement.
Mushir Al-Masry, a member of the Hamas Palestinian Legislative Council, confirmed to the Daily News Egypt that the government would be meeting soon to discuss "certain media outlets' efforts to demonise Hamas".
The SDLP chairman said: "For republicans, including Sinn Fein, to complain wearily about being demonised and to demonise those in the police, what they do is create an environment where gullible people, reckless people and dissident people feel fully justified and empowered to go and do what they did last night.