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to represent as diabolically evil

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The simple answer is a complete clear-out of the Downing Street press office, the demonisation rather than the glamorisation of the term ``spin doctor'',and a return to the old almost-lost art of telling the truth.
The demonisation of Blair and Campbell and the sanctification of Dr Kelly proceed apace but we are still in the dark, however much rival camps may try to brainwash us into believing their version of events.
Mike Worthington reckons the demonisation of people struggling to get by on low salaries has become part of the "blame game" for the nation's problems.
AFTER the demonisation of Jeremy Clarkson over his "shoot the strikers" remark, I note that your own Brian Reade asked: "How many celebs on the BBC's festive advert would you not like to kill?
All of those who spoke at that rally in London were hijacking it for their own causes: Ken Livingstone to be re-elected, Bruce Kent so we remember who he is, Miss Dynamite with her demonisation of the PM, fundamentalist Muslims being given free reign to blurt out their hatred.
It took the show beyond the normal physical boundaries of dance and into the province of the circus contortionist - though with serious intent, since the piece was conceived as an angry response to the demonisation of asylum-seekers.
Too simple a system will lead to a demonisation of certain foods; too complex a system will confuse and be self-defeating.
I'm sorry, but the demonisation of any community was not OK then and it's not OK now.
Sadly, there is truth in that, though some objected to the way this demonisation had almost totally eclipsed not only his role as a "father of rock and roll", but also as a man, who, by giving black music to white audiences, helped ease racial tensions.
IRAN is now being subjected to the same kind of demonisation that resulted in the invasion of Iraq.
The usual excuses were trotted yesterday out by Venables's lawyer, who claimed the murder conviction had cast a long shadow over his life, and he had been living a "wholly abnormal" existence, punctuated by "vilification, demonisation and threats to his life".
These incidents are not isolated but are happening in an environment created by Sinn Fein's demonisation of the work of others on the DPPs.
The last few months have seen the demonisation of companies such as Tesco which is doing just what it is allowed to do--buying as much of the market as it can in order to reward its shareholders.
We were quite concerned it would be difficult to get a different verdict because of the demonisation that took place before the hearing.