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Synonyms for demoniac

someone who acts as if possessed by a demon

frenzied as if possessed by a demon

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Wrangdon, Robert and Dale Peterson, Demoniac Males: Apes and the Origin of Human Violence.
This, he continues is "the true horror of the Mystery Man: not any evil, demoniac intentions and so on; just the fact that when he is in front of you, he, as it were, sees through you" (ibid).
His 'dance', however, together with his song as Billy Hicks' skeleton is raised, is more muted than is suggested in the text, where 'his face is contorted with demoniac fury'.
He sees only demoniac forces, half sensible, half meaningless, half in light and half in darkness, but never predictable.
So by enumerating these musical notes, Edmond reveals his demoniac, diabolic nature.
The offence in the present case has indubitably been committed in an extremely fiendish, demoniac, barbaric and nefarious manner.
A division bench of Justice Reva Khetrapal and Justice Pratibha Rani dismissed the appeals of the four convicts and ruled that the demoniac, barbaric and nefarious nature of the crime made for a case of the " rarest of rare.
He died at thirty-nine in China, a hero's death by blood poisoning acquired while repairing the body of a patriot mangled by the fire of Japanese Imperialism, Japan being one of the allies of Adolf Hitler: the same demoniac forces that Miss Gelhorn hoped could be stopped at Madrid.
He represented the Devil himself before the storms of the past 60 years bereft him of his demoniac features," says Lady Meats.
Thus, his laughter takes on the tone of a "gay, demoniac gust":
In common with the anonymous victim at the centre of the 1698 case, (108) Longdon was a typical demoniac, displaying a range of symptoms readily recognisable by early modern Europeans, irrespective of social status: (109) paranormal strength; fits and trances (during which Longdon claimed to have been attacked in spectral form by Newton); the vomiting of household objects such as pins, needles, wool and straw; and an adverse reaction to the bible.
I was enchanted by what I read - particularly by this detail, reported by a sober German savant: that in the suburbs of Colombo there exists, amid fairy gardens by the sea, a marvelous villa bungalow, as they say, in which a rich and eccentric Englishman maintains a sort of harem where all races of India, from the black Tamoules to the sinuous bayaderes [graceful dancers] of Lahore, and the demoniac bacchantes [devilish nudes] of Benares, are represented by perfect specimens of femininity.
Honestly, Jesus could have waited until the next day to heal either the man with the withered hand or the blind and mute demoniac.
The story of the Gerasene demoniac contains an overabundance of metaphors: demons, death, unclean/wild animals, wilderness, the sea, and the abyss (Matt.