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During a briefing yesterday on the BSP Demonetization Program, House Deputy Secretary-General Atty.
To a question, he said, the SBP for benefit of general public, has already supplied posters in both English & Urdu languages on demonetization and exchange of Rs 500 old design (bigger size) bank note to SBP Banking Services Corporation and all banks for their placement at prominent visible places in their field offices, branches and public places.
In fact, the quantity theory of money can explain neither the rise nor the demonetization of money.
Sudden demonetization would, for a start, bring down the circulation of black money since you would have to explain to the authorities how you came into possession of the cash you wanted to exchange for new legal tender.
In 1948, in "A Monetary and Fiscal Framework for Economic Stability," he proposed that the government run a countercyclical budget policy with monetization of deficits and demonetization of surpluses with budget balance over the cycle.
The Afghani had already depreciated in recent months because of widespread counterfeiting, but the new rumors of demonetization have lowered its value even more significantly.
The demonetization of the reserve market would likely slow or stop, and reverse if reserve avoidance has an ongoing cost.
The ongoing demonetization of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) certificates, discussed in last year's report, drained $4 billion from the supply of Fed balances.