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From time to time additional revenue could be raised by demonetisation and re-coinage.
Le relativisme culturel : le petit Beur qui raconte au plan litteraire ou cinematographique le vecu des siens dans les banlieues sans ame marque dans les codes implicites de la culture legitime francaise une evidente demonetisation du fait artistique quand il est considere comme une mission sociale et a permis, a peu de frais, de suggerer une sorte de grandeur d'ame, d'une culture qui consent a associer des produits sinon exotiques, du moins colores.
At the very kernel of this spanking new but what appears to be a slightly convoluted idea is the Banking Transaction Tax to replace all taxes barring import duty because that is a function of global trade and demonetisation of high denomination currency.
It requires major steps to be put in place -- tightening the parallel black money economy, demonetisation and everything being done in a very careful and calibrated manner, keeping in mind the overarching principles of India's fiscal federalism.
Thus, macroeconomic exchange rate based stabilisation of 1995-98 resulted in demonetisation and barterisation of the Russian economy and ended up in a currency crises of 1998.
At the same time, the crisis induced a demonetisation of the economy and led to the emergence of barter--a phenomenon that has been largely confined to the FSU (see Commander and Mumssen, 1999).
In most post-communist countries, even though periods of high inflation led to marked demonetisation of national economies and the real volume of bank credits fell drastically (fig.
After deregulation of prices in 1992 the demonetisation of the economy proceeded surprisingly quickly: total bank credits outstanding fell to about 10% of GDP by the end of 1996, while the long term credits shrank to less than 1% of GDP (fig.
The collapse of bank credit was part of the broader process of the demonetisation of the economy under high inflation: due to dollarisation, barterisation and accumulation of payment arrears in inflationary transition economies, M2/GDP ratios decreased markedly, or to put it differently, money velocity jumped due to proliferation of explicit and implicit money substitutes, such as foreign currency, barter trade and non-payments (fig.