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complete destruction of a building

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Operation will remained continue tomorrow as well till the demolishing of last illegal structure in the area.
He further added that due to not demolishing the said encroachments people also feared of heavy flood in case of heavy rain in the city.
Israel frequently utilizes the lack of construction permits as a pretext for demolishing Palestinian houses.
It seems to me that there is too much emphasis put on demolishing old buildings.
WHILE the North Delhi Municipal Corporation ( NDMC) may not have been able to prevent old and dangerous buildings from collapsing recently, the civic body has been diligent when it comes to sealing and demolishing unauthorised constructions in the Capital.
Bulldozers immediately began demolishing a mosque and three houses belonging to Osama Anas, Anwar Sidqi Hani, and Muhammad Hani.
Addressing the issue, the ystanbul Archaeology Museum authorities said: "The demolition must stop immediately because demolishing historical artifacts is against the law and is a crime.
He said that Israeli bulldozers prevented the owners of the house from removing their house contents before demolishing it without any prior notice, according to a report of Palestine News and Information Agency "WAFA".
Palestinian sources reported that Israeli bulldozers under the protection of Israeli soldiers and police, stormed the area from Mount Scopus area and started demolishing the house.
Cardiff council, you will not only be demolishing a building, you will be demolishing heritage, memories and the heart of Llandaff North.
But the planned refurbishment of the remaining five has been abandoned by Newcastle City Council in favour of demolishing them.
The Israeli forces with the bulldozers then moved to another building -- a printing house -- owned by Mohammad Alyan in Al Eisawiyah and started their demolishing work without giving the owner a chance to evacuate his machines and belongings.
WORK on demolishing and rebuilding dilapidated houses under a stalled nationwide campaign is underway, officials have confirmed.
The press service of the Kyrgyz Border Service released a statement today in which it said that a group in special uniform arrived in the settlement of Baikyshtak of Aksy rayon of Kyrgyzstan from Uzbekistan and began demolishing the house belonging to the Uzbek citizen in violation of the earlier reached agreement of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek intergovernmental commission for border delimitation and demarcation.
Space will be created by demolishing 755 properties.