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a young unmarried woman

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And that's what makes it so powerful - similarly the scenes of Demoiselle cranes migrating from Russia to India for winter and flying over Everest, a peak so high they can barely breathe or flap their wings against the freezing winds.
Twice a day in winter, around 7,000 demoiselle cranes descend on a small gravel square in central Khichan to gorge on grain left out for them.
In Saudi Arabia, 11-year-old Aishah Ali Abakar Barnawi spends her days camping with scientists in the Aja Mountains, helping to count migrating demoiselle cranes.
Thousands of demoiselle cranes migrate from Mongolia to the warmer climates of India, over the highest mountain range on earth: the Himalayas.
Good to know Trivia: The demoiselle cranes fly over 5,000 km in over two weeks to reach Khichan from Mongolia.
Other firsts to be captured on film include the mating rituals of the blue bird of paradise and golden eagles taking demoiselle cranes on the wing as they migrate over Mount Everest.
Cameras show gelada baboons screaming to frighten off predators in China, demoiselle cranes struggling to fly over the Himalayas, and snow leopards hunting on the Pakistan peaks.