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a young unmarried woman

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The King demoiselle is a variety of damselfish that lives in the Indo - West Pacific, from the Solomon Islands to the Philippines and through central Indonesia.
In Saudi Arabia, 11-year-old Aishah Ali Abakar Barnawi spends her days camping with scientists in the Aja Mountains, helping to count migrating demoiselle cranes.
Then again, in films ranging from the breakthrough La Femme de l'hotel (1984) to La Demoiselle sauvage (1991) and Mouvements du desir (1994), Pool's characters never do things like munch on a lean pastrami on rye with fries, or watch TV.
His dirigibles and his Demoiselle were clear contributions to the state of the art in aviation development.
C'est une demoiselle qui utilise un fusil pour attaquer ses ennemis.
Eetant seul, l'homme ne cherche pas a se convaincre puisqu'il etait reellement [beaucoup moins que]cool[beaucoup plus grand que] comme dirait la jeune demoiselle blonde qui est en face, en dessous de lui, a quelques rangees de tables, legerement emechee, et dont un bout de peau rose brillait par-dessous dans la lumiere ambiante.
As are his snapshots of a school of catfish in the Gadsisar Lake of Jaisalmer, a sand boa fighting a deadly battle with a spiny- tailed lizard in The Desert National Park, a magnificent female ghariyal basking in the sun by the Chambal river and the demoiselle cranes that have flown all the way from Mongolia and Eurasia.
Bond battles back The smile on trainer Lydia Richards' face did not quite tell the whole story after Demoiselle Bond had taken the 6f handicap.
And that's what makes it so powerful - similarly the scenes of Demoiselle cranes migrating from Russia to India for winter and flying over Everest, a peak so high they can barely breathe or flap their wings against the freezing winds.
In peak season thousands of winged visitors, especially the elegant demoiselle crane, also known as kunch and kurja in local parlance, arrive in droves.
The sanctuary is also home to migratory birds like demoiselle cranes, harriers and short-toed eagles.
Es Devlin's tiled "downstairs" quarters (the intermittently visible upstairs exposed the Herods' dining room, host and hostess at either end of a lengthy table) recalled not just Dante Ferretti's decor for Pasolini's Salo but Richard Peduzzi's for the premiere of the three-act Lulu--another tale of a complex, death-dealing, death-destined demoiselle fatale.
Other firsts to be captured on film include the mating rituals of the blue bird of paradise and golden eagles taking demoiselle cranes on the wing as they migrate over Mount Everest.
Fairy rings by Danny Beath from Shrewsbury, runner up picture in the landscape section' Porcelain mushrooms by Danny Beath from Shrewsbury overall winning picture' Clockwise from left, Mushroom by Mike Reda from Smethick, second prize in the Junior Wildlife Photography Award' Banded Demoiselle by Simon Williams from Norton Canon, Herefordshire, winner of the Junior Wildlife Photography Award' Horsefly at rest by David Wain of Tamworth, runner up in the animal magic category' Sharpstone Hill at dawn by Danny Beath, winning picture in the landscape section' In the rains by Mark Ecclestone from Telford, winner in the animal magic section
A new book on Britain's dragonflies describes the banded demoiselle as "rare" in northern England.