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the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations

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The members addressing a conference organized by Kashmir Centre for Social Development Studies Centre (KCSDSC) on Designs of RSS and Article 35A said dangerous conspiracies are being hatched against the demography of the territory, reported.
1) The project was created by the team of Nikola Sander, Guy Abel, and Ramon Bauer at the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capita.
The authorities in Kirkuk and the political observers see this move as a threat to the demography of the city.
These nefarious designs and conspiracies are being hatched to defeat our resistance movement and to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a Muslim-majority state," Malik had said.
in Sociology and Demography, and her Master's degree in Demography, from the University of Pennsylvania.
Regarding the West part of Europe, Caldwell (1999) takes into consideration the importance of socioeconomic change and demography.
They set the context of the deniers, describing geopolitics and offering a summary of demography and statistics.
As the new director of the Cornell Population Center (CPC), Lichter and other CPC leaders are uniting faculty members and graduate students from a wide swath of disciplines to apply demography in three main areas: families and children, health behaviors and disparities, and poverty and inequality.
Libby Schweber, Disciplining Statistics: Demography and Vital Statistics in France and England, 1830-1885 (Durham: Duke University Press 2006)
Demography of the living calls on a much greater range of information about people--their ages, sex, health, urban and rural status, group movements, housing and social positioning.
Conservation of wildlife populations; demography, genetics, and management.
It's the intersection of demography and Islamism that makes time a luxury we can't afford.
The changing nature of workforce demography may result in a shift in people's work values, attitudes, and beliefs, which have important ramifications for the importance placed on certain work aspects.
In Part 2, "Methods," 10 chapters present methods in anthropology, epidemiology, demography, sociology, environmental health, and economic analysis.
The first section provides a background, reviewing the demography of African American families, theories of institutional racism in the child welfare system, and impact of child welfare policies on African American families.