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the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations

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The Senate blue ribbon committee, jointly with the committees on health and demography and finance, currently conducts a hearing into the anti-dengue immunization program which started in 2016 under former Health Secretary Janette Garin.
Other speakers said that India was trying to change the demography of the territory by settling non-Kashmiris.
Which variable other than demography sparked the demand for Pakistan?
I condemn those people who are advocating RSS agenda in Kashmir to change demography of the Kashmir Valley.
BEIRUT: Fragile host communities like Lebanon's can no longer cope with the lengthy Syrian crisis, Social Affairs Minister Rachid Derbas said Tuesday, warning of the impact left by the Syrian refugees on the country's demography.
1) The project was created by the team of Nikola Sander, Guy Abel, and Ramon Bauer at the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capita.
The authorities in Kirkuk and the political observers see this move as a threat to the demography of the city.
Srinagar, June 23 ( ANI ): Separatists called for a complete shutdown in Kashmir over the alleged conspiracy by the BJP and the RSS to settle non-state subject refugees to change the demography of the state.
Ira Sheshkin, Director of Jewish Demography Project at Miami U.
We have also taken into consideration the importance of demography in power and geopolitics.
Denial of the denial, or the battle of Auschwitz; the demography and geopolitics of the Holocaust: The view from the twenty-first century.
For nearly every pressing social and political issue--immigration, poverty, education reform, public health, and environmental protection, for instance--Dan Lichter sees a common thread: demography.
Their results indicate that universal high school choice has not disrupted the relationship of demography to educational destiny across the city's struggling neighborhoods.
In a joint declaration set to be adopted at a meeting of ministers with responsibility for demography and family policy, on 1 April (which was still under discussion as Europolitics went to press), these four countries recommend: 1.
This NBER Conference Report explores the connections between demography and economics, and in particular what demographic trends can reveal about the sustainability of traditional social security programs and the larger implications for economic growth.