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a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc

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The first one has to do with the question whether proto-industrial families stood out demographically compared to those that were not.
Anti-life legislation, he said, causes the decay of society, not only in a moral sense but also demographically and economically.
Researchers at University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, questioned 400 melanoma patients and 640 demographically matched, healthy volunteers on their use of tanning lamps.
In the two decades since then, the Valley has matured, politically and demographically.
and his coworkers administered a detailed questionnaire to 690 kidney cancer patients in Minnesota (or their next of kin) and to 707 demographically matched, cancerfree volunteers.
Through strategic acquisitions the Company enters demographically attractive geographic areas to deliver lifetime financial solutions on a local and national basis.
Feigley and his co-workers at the University of South Carolina in Columbia surveyed a random sample of 894 residents - 508 living downwind of a commercial hazardous-waste incinerator and 386 living upwind in a demographically similar community.
From the same starting population of 26,429, the researchers then selected a demographically matched sample of 1,031 men and women who did not develop hypertension by age 55.
We intend it to be the first in a stream of products and services aimed at our demographically highly attractive database.
He continues, "That could be a mistake, because surprisingly, in some areas, these particular consumers outspend other segments that appear to be better prospects demographically.
Acxiom RapidProspects gives mid-tier marketers browser-based access to campaign-ready, demographically enhanced prospects, enabling them to more quickly and cost-effectively acquire new customers.
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