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a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc

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The mere addition of a demographical section on the application may be enough to claim that equity is being practiced, but without disclosing how that collected information is used, the roles of race and equity in the preservice admissions process remain tremendously unclear.
Finally, the demographical characteristics of different groups were not matched so that possible effects of these variables could not be controlled in the study.
The first hypothesis: demographical factors influence on brand selection among families.
Since the age structure of population influences house prices significantly, this research proposes a demographical distance to measure the spatial interconnections between house prices in different cities.
in the group of demographical factors, self-employment duration is positively influenced by education, previous experience of self-employment, younger people and marital status while inability of the immigrants, national minorities and the people of other race to respond quickly to fast-changing business conditions/legal environment has the negative impact on self-employment duration.
The negligence shown by Pakistan's central government has allowed these terrorist groups to kill Shiites easily and carelessly in an effort to change the demographical strategy of Pakistan to the loss of the Shiites," Monadi told ICANA.
Furthermore, the disparity in distribution of economic and cultural resources has also included multiple variations: demographical (east vs.
Dherar Bilhoul, general manager of Watani, said that despite the demographical diversification in the emirates, people in UAE feel that the society is on the right track and this has been proven by the low level of cultural entropy.
The demographical policy 2001-2025 had given special attention to the young generation in a bid to protect them from being exploited and to ensure their rights as well as to provide them with necessary requirements.
It added that the world should know the real tragedy of Kirkuk Arabs and the arbitrary actions taken by the main Kurdish parties following the 2003 war, particularly demographical changes and control of offices and governmental posts.
During the seminar, Bankaj Khimji, head of the Omani side in the Omani-Indian Business Council talked about the geographical and demographical nature of the Sultanate, as well as the developed infrastructure that presents a fertile environment for economic and investment work.
Heterotopic gastric mucosa (inlet patch): Endoscopic prevalence, histopathological, demographical and clinical characteristics.
Commenting on Turkish economy as well, the minister said Turkey shined out in its region with its positive demographical features such as its average age of 28 and 18 million students.
He said that the Parliament targets young men and women ages 18 to 29 from all governorates and social strata, and that it will consist of 60 members while taking into consideration equal representation of social type and demographical distribution.
PCCs will be imposed upon local communities within each policing area and will be elected to a statutory role covering a very large geographical and demographical area.
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