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a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc

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The meeting focused on the key demographic challenges in Armenia and the opportunities for improving the situation.
Section one discusses the impact of demographic dividend on economic growth.
This came during the 4th coordination meeting for the Demographic Opportunity liaison officers, who also discussed the "Population Projections" report and the updated "Higher Population Council Strategic Plan for 2015-2019".
The largest settlements provide a relative idea of changing demographic patterns through time.
The candidates say efforts to improve the UAE's demographic structure should focus on empowering Emiratis through offering more jobs in the private sector and a bigger stake in private businesses.
The study conducted by the Technical Office of the National Committee for Population within its working programme in conjunction of with the Sub-Regional Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Muscat, aims at acknowledging the time of the advent demographic window in the future, conditions of its occurrence, profits that the Sultanate can gain from the expected demographic change and the demographic window accompanying such a change.
This work collects current policy analyses and cases related to medical, societal, and demographic ramifications of low fertility levels in EU Member States.
The falling demographic trend in China (and Europe and Japan) contrasts with growth in the United States, which benefits from a fertility rate close to the replacement rate and high level of immigration.
Coldwell Banker Commercial Web site users can now receive the most accurate and reliable demographic data about the property listing area, see each listing in the context of its location via a map or satellite photo, and download a PDF summary about the listing.
com) dubs it a "demographic tailspin" in his article: "'Homophobia,' demographic decline, Islamic immigration, and the European death wish" (GrassTopsUSA Newsletter, Feb.
The story Cook uncovers so well is the role of English women during the demographic transition from 1800 until recent times, and perhaps most importantly, what that transition meant to them.
1) In analyses controlling for demographic characteristics and risk factors both before and during pregnancy, the odds of preterm delivery were nearly doubled for women whose level of physical function before conception was poor and for those who had chronic hypertension before becoming pregnant.
He emphasizes that updating customer demographic information is crucial.
Fair Isaac has studied various demographic characteristics, particularly the number of occupants in a home, as they correlate with homeowners loss experience, said Lamont Boyd, director of business development.
Sure, you can get answers to the four P's of marketing (product, price, promotion and place) and have a rough idea of who your customers are--but the reality is that virtually any customer, regardless of his or her demographic attributes, purchases virtually any product you have to offer.