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extract information from a modulated carrier wave

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Silicon Labs' single-chip Si218x demodulators build on continuous digital demodulation architectural enhancements to support emerging and established standards for terrestrial (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T), satellite (DVB- S/S2/DSS/S2X) and cable (DVB-C/C2, ITU-T J83 Annex A/B/C) reception.
The CDM-570-IPEN Satellite Modems and the CDD-564EN IP Demodulators were ordered, supplementing an installed base of Comtech EF Data equipment previously supplied to this customer.
Typically, TV makers need to provide multiple SAW filters, and separate analog and digital demodulators for integrated digital televisions (iDTVs) that support hybrid terrestrial and cable networks in DVB countries.
a leading provider of digital television (DTV) demodulation intellectual property, announced today availability of its Paco digital demodulator core for the China DTV market.
When combined with Silicon Labs' market-leading silicon TV tuners, the Si2168/69 demodulators enable a complete video front-end solution from RF to baseband.
Both demodulators are packaged in a 10mm x 10mm 144 pin ball grid array (BGA).
The solution provides very low power operation at only 550 mW in a typical application supporting a single digital demodulator and 600 mW when directly connected to multiple demodulators.
New High Performance TVP9900 Demodulator Saves OEMs up to 20 Percent in BOM for Digital TV Receiver
Having conducted extensive and rigorous lab evaluations on demodulators from many suppliers, we selected the ATBM8845 for our China-bound TV tuners," remarked by Sharp tuner research and development team leader.
Turnkey VSB/QAM Demodulator Core Created by Team of DTV Veterans Supports Highly Integrated DTV Solutions
The design lab, which is located in Shanghai, adjacent to the Fudan University campus, will provide complete front-end solutions, from the antenna through the tuner to the demodulator to the MPEG2 TS interface, to allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to quickly equip their mobile terminal products--including portable media players, PDAs, laptop PCs, automotive displays and smart phones--to receive terrestrial digital TV broadcasts.
today announced the AU852x family of 6th generation HDTV and ATV Demodulators.
There are a lot of DVB-T demodulators on the market, but because DiBcom's chipsets have the best performance with single and diversity reception, DiBcom-based products will now be branded with the company's logo, allowing end users to compare and choose.
SHENZHEN, China -- Companies Demonstrate Platform Combining Legend Silicon's Demodulators with ADI's Integrant RF Tuners to Enable TV Reception in Mobile Devices Supporting China's Recently Announced Digital Television Standard