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(electronics) the reception of a signal by extracting it from the carrier wave

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Kurosawa is a licensable demodulation platform for Mobile TV with multi-standard support for single-segment ISDB-T, DVB-H and T-DMB.
It enables full compatibility with next-generation satellite distribution networks with support for up to 12-channels of HEVC, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 video compression inputs, combined with DVB-S2x demodulation.
However, the demodulation complexity of [7]-[8] significantly increases along with the number of access datastreams.
Another feature of this architecture is that it eliminates the need for an A/D converter in demodulation processing.
The phase demodulation trouble has been formulated as an optimization challenge, where soft computing procedures may be used to find the phase solution that best matches the nonlinear equation represented by fringe patterns.
This GSM Demodulation tool is an elegant solution, which can quickly and efficiently identify the impact of GSM retransmissions," commented Martin Coleman, Executive Director, the Satellite Interference Reduction Group.
Integration of universal analog video and audio demodulation, digital video demodulation and IF processing into a single IC.
The R2S15500SP converts Sound Intermediate Frequency (SIF) into digital data processing demodulation.
According to the company, Vigo is a licensable demodulation platform for Mobile TV with multi-standard support for DVB-H, T-DMB, and DAB, built around the UCC Mobile (Universal Communications Coprocessor) signal processor, which provides PHY layer demodulation, and supporting the DVB-H Link Layer and an MTX embedded controller.
It provides universal demodulation analysis and documentation functionalities for digital radio signals down to bit stream level.
A practical example showing the application of the demodulation technique on a roll of the third press of a paper machine is also presented.
It also covers techniques and related technology issues, including components, devices, circuits and systems involving the generation, modulation, demodulation, control, transmission and detection of microwave signals.
By combining Conexant's expertise in analog and digital television signal demodulation and tuning with RAVISENT's digital audio and video decoding and transport stream management technology, the two companies say they will create complete HDTV product solutions that PC manufacturers and board vendors can market to consumers as a high- quality interactive platform for true HDTV.
World's first PC TV receiver featuring software demodulation delivers HD content with CyberLink's industry standard TVEnhance
Tenders are invited for: Verification campaign of the dvb carrier-id detection and demodulation (artes 5.