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extract information from a modulated carrier wave

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The patent discloses a radio tag that uses circuitry capable of demodulating low powered analog carrier signals while drawing minimal current to improve the sensitivity and operational range of the radio tag while maintaining longer battery life.
Octopus 2: the first component capable of demodulating fixed and mobile digital television in any country in world, including the USA with the ATSC and ATSC-MH standards
Featuring an automatic power saving mode to maximize battery life for DTV viewing on the go, the new chip provides the mobile/handheld demodulating and equalization functions, and outputs IP packet streams to enable audio/video decoding in the receivers compatible with the emerging ATSC Mobile DTV Standard.
DIB10096 is also capable of demodulating other TV standards like CMMB, DVB-T, DAB, T-DMB, or DVB-SH by simple software download; so offers a versatile solution for Huawei to offer this product with fast time-to-market anywhere in the World.
Recognized for its Ultra-Link Processing[TM] (ULP) Wireless Networking System, On-Ramp has developed the first wireless system capable of demodulating signals below the noise floor at never before achieved levels, while simultaneously enabling efficient use of spectrum to connect millions of low data-rate and low power devices.
5 devices depending on vehicle speed and the number of demodulating fingers operating at a given time.
Silicon TV tuners capable of demodulating both analog and digital television signals in a single chipset are beginning to replace Can TV tuners in high-end models.
Earlier this year, Zenith designed the first semiconductors for demodulating the digital TV signal sent by broadcasters using Zenith's VSB digital transmission technology.
Including the companion RF (radio frequency) chip, this low-power chip set's total power consumption is 150 mW, making it ideal for a wide range of battery powered portable devices capable of tuning and demodulating AM/FM radio broadcast in both analog and HD Radio digital technology.
00 per unit for an ATSC Receiver Product capable of demodulating and decoding an over-the-air, RF terrestrial broadcast signal in compliance with the ATSC Standard
The DIB1908x-H is a multi-mode, multi-band receiver capable of demodulating DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB, DAB, DAB-IP and Enhanced-mode-DAB signals in VHF, UHF and L-band frequency bands.