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extract information from a modulated carrier wave

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Marvell 88DE8020 demodulates DVB-T, DVB-C, NTSC/PAL/SECAM signals from terrestrial and cable networks.
Fully-integrated solution: Integrates all components required to transmit and receive signals, including an active band-pass filter to demodulate signals even in the presence of spurious frequency components, into a 3-mm by 3-mm package reducing board space compared to discrete solutions.
An up or down converting radio subsystem that takes a baseband signal and modulates or demodulates it to or from a RF signal.
The chip has two sections - one area performs the downconversion from the RF to IF frequency, while the second section amplifies and demodulates the IF signal.
Prophet detects, demodulates, determines the signals angles of arrival, and exploits enemy signals of interest.
11b/a/g Wi-Fi analyzer demodulates, sweeps and analyzes Wi-Fi network packets, including 802.
In September 2007, DOCOMO developed a trial LSI chip that demodulates orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM[3] signals and detects MIMO signals transmitted from four antennas at a rate of 200 Mbps, and also consumes no more than 0.
The LSI demodulates and separates MIMO[3] (multiple-input multiple-output) -multiplexed OFDM[4] (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) signals transmitted in the 20MHz bandwidth from four antennas.
Yellowjacket[R]-TABLET also sweeps and demodulates all 802.
The company's SDR technique allows adaptive data processing and ensures excellent receiver performance in all reception conditions - using a parallel processing OFDM engine that demodulates signals even in noisy environments and high speed conditions.
Legend Silicon's demodulator, which receives an IF signal from the tuner, demodulates China's new standard-based IF signal into an MPEG transport stream for processing in the Genesis Chaplin IC.