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extract information from a modulated carrier wave

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The demodulated signal on the receiver output applied to the serial port Atmega162 input is 0 when the transmitter sends signals and 1 when it does not transmit (LED is off).
To view and analyze the demodulated QPSK signal, Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes were used, including the 65GHz LabMaster 10-65Zi.
It converts demodulated satellite, cable and terrestrial signals into a robust bit stream for use by the video decoder.
Diagnose machine faults with Cepstral plots, orbits, demodulated vibration spectrum, time synchronous averaging, Bode plots and comparisons to machine baseline spectral data.
This project will investigate new ranging methods by exploiting the property of OFDM signals and fully utilizing the synchronization, channel estimation and diversity gain information demodulated by the receiver.
In the demonstration, a standard FM broadcast radio signal is received, translated to base band and demodulated, allowing the signal to be monitored.
High Ultimate MER allows quick detection when signal quality is inadequate to be demodulated by the set-top box.
6,748,025 was granted to TechnoConcepts, allowing 19 different claims for the conversion of wireless signals directly into high-speed digital data streams, which are then sorted and demodulated with digital signal processing.
Demod Audio Routing Generator: Recover demodulated audio from AM, FM or P25 radio systems and use that audio to modulate either an AM, FM or P25 carrier.
The cable network demonstration consisted of industry standard off-the-shelf CATV equipment beginning at the "Cable Operator's head-end" where the UWB signal was injected into a standard RF combiner, then modulated onto a fiber optic cable for transmission to a "fiber field node" where the RF content was demodulated for transmission through more than 1000 feet of coax cable and two "field amplifiers.
This patent, which was granted in June of this year, allows 19 different claims for the conversion of radio frequency (RF) signals directly into high-speed digital data (R/D) streams, which are then sorted and demodulated with digital signal processing.
3 Enhancement Band RF) signals, demodulated at the ZRG for delivery over coax to subscriber TVs.
The microwave signal is then demodulated back to the 25Mbs transport stream and fed to a production trailer on the ground.
The digital base-band circuit post-processes a demodulated binary signal to produce an optimally sampled data bit stream and clock signal that is synchronized with the incoming data.