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extract information from a modulated carrier wave

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In the PM-WFRFT scheme, both branch signals must be demodulated correctly to demodulate the confidential information.
Synthetic interferograms (closed fringe) are demodulated using the FSD-HSO algorithm.
The signal is demodulated by the FM receiver, and a spectrum analyzer is used to capture and analyze the results.
The demodulated signal on the receiver output applied to the serial port Atmega162 input is 0 when the transmitter sends signals and 1 when it does not transmit (LED is off).
The MT8220A UMTS Master is an ultra-portable handheld node B analyzer that covers the UMTS ranges of 824 to 894 MHz and 1710 to 2170 MHz, as well as 2300 to 2700 MHz and conducts both RF and demodulated measurements.
A mission operator can listen to or record audio demodulated by an SDR while the Raven system continues its high-speed sweep of the ISB.
Simultaneously, the Audio Spectrum view details the demodulated audio spectrum, as well as the Rate, RMS deviation, Pk-Pk/2 deviation, SINAD, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and Distortion/Total.
Up to three channels are demodulated and output over three serial transport stream (TS) interfaces, or multiplexed onto a single parallel TS interface.
Operators can then select a specific satellite transponder and send the demodulated signal to the ASI output for transport by other DigiLink modules over IP or fiber networks.
The main difference is that our demodulated bit selection is implemented by the LLR threshold instead of DRS.
The parameters set to generate a modulated signal source and to measure the demodulated signal are shown in Table 1.
That same complex modulation must be received and demodulated at the receiver.
6,748,025 was granted to TechnoConcepts, allowing 19 different claims for the conversion of wireless signals directly into high-speed digital data streams, which are then sorted and demodulated with digital signal processing.