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Even when writing about love, Darwish's writing was never demoted or demode, nor robbed of its social and historical contexts, for exile was always there, never cut off from its socio-cultural lifeline:
She quickly gained a reputation at "The Queen of Knitwear" and favoured insideout stitching, no-hem, and "unlined" pieces that reflected a brand new philosophy known as la demode, or "unfashion".
She then swapped this short number for a full skirt in Demode while model Carmel Mannion showed off a fun Heather Finn dress.
Why do most writers take on social opinions which would have been thought distinctly uncivilized and demode at the time of the Plantagenets?
Ambition for the career and desire for attention, rather than that demode notion, ambition for the excellence of the work, radiate from almost everything.
Selon Manning, (8) ce nouveau management public est deja demode et constitue un ensemble d'idees complexes et peu coherentes qui n'a guere ete mis en pratique en dehors des pays du Commonwealth ou de l'OCDE.
On peut se moquer des angoisses de Rastignac lorsque, debarquant a Paris, il s'apercoit que son habit est ridicule et son pantalon de nankin demode, mais son amertume est pareille a celle du jeune soldat qui s'irrite de n'avoir point de regiment a mener a la conquete de Saragosse.
In effect, he blames among others the Jews for his financial woes and his demode status; Auguste cannot advance beyond a certain point at his insurance firm because of his limited knowledge and experience.
aloof, mad 43 rerun-in-Italy, mired-in-soot 44 resoled, Ute-derided, ired 45 retoned, sexy, royal 46 retooled, older, ranker 47 reunited, snug, raw 48 revolting, nival, non-deltoid, ignitible, snug 49 rewalled 50 rewon, kobold-evolved 51 rotatively arty, zoo-bred, icy, raw 52-53 red, raw[er]-livered, welded, ired, avid 54-56 renacred, [new/raw/rawer] 57-59 [resuable/reusable/revilable] 60-77 retinue-[laded/laved/loved/lured/raced/ robed/owed/tamed/tired] [Urgan/ urceolate, spun-up] Lines F, C 1 diva 2 dab 3 bard 4 decaf ruffian 5 eudemon 6 diva-enrober 7 wary lion-rober 8 demode (dun denim?
And how painfully demode Russell's strenuous attempts to be shocking in print now are
After several years of being considered a bit demode by the fashionistas who rule, the city is back and fresher than ever.
They also define which industry players get the most play and which ones become demode.
Of course I am referring to Alberto Abrasino, whom a group of post-postmodern cynics like Campo, Ballestra, and myself have idolized as if he were a stylistic icon, a bit demode but not to be disregarded.
3) - already sounds demode four years after it was originally published in French.
I hate to sound like a demode intellectual, but today TV stations around the world are paying lip service to public service.