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the action of making something democratic

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In late 1987, political scientists assessing the prospects for democratization in the Arab world hailed Tunisia as a frontrunner, proclaiming it to be on the brink of the first democratic transition in the region.
By linking the success of the democratization process to the support that Turkey should extend to the Kurds of Kobani, Eucalan is making an appeal to Turkey to prevent the fall of Kobani at the hands of ISIL.
Aiming to contextualize Aguinis's cultural democratization project across time and across boundaries through an analysis of the historical and literary justifications he presented for his agenda, she primarily focuses on his program for cultural democratization that he created as Argentina's Secretary of Culture in the 1980s and on his literary production between the end of Raul Alfonsin's term as president in 1989 and the beginning of Nestor Kirchner's presidency in 2003.
The two sides discussed the challenges facing the democratization process in Iraq, and how to develop solutions and treatments aimed to removing the causes of their decline, and seek to maintain the democratic gains.
The delegation will also inform officials in the friendly Republic about latest developments of the situations in Bahrain in terms of democratization and human rights and current constructive steps being taken by all the official competent bodies in consolidating sustainable national solutions to ensure the advancement of the on-going democratization and reform processes in Bahrain.
president to visit Myanmar, asking Thein Sein to improve the human rights situation there and deal with domestic conflicts as well as pledging to help the nation push forward democratization.
Anita Niroudy discussed with Dr Kandel action plan to support democratization in Egypt, in addition to UN support to Egypt to decrease illiteracy, energy conservation.
This leads one to wonder, "Is democratization a sufficient condition to ensure the empowerment of women within the society?
I welcome the new constitution which reforms the functioning of Morocco's institutions, a country that proves to be a credible interlocutor, at a time when we discuss inside the European Parliament the EU's foreign policies in favour of democratization," Pargneaux told MAP news agency.
Not only the efforts of the international community and the Afghan government has been critically analyzed in this article, but also the positional factors such as counter-warlordism and counter-insurgency that have significantly undermined the post-2001 Afghan democratization process have been evaluated.
military commitments, Tetrault said, "The commitment to democratization in Iraq is murky at best.
Scholars and practitioners have recently given increased attention to the intersection of two concepts: postconflict peacebuilding and democratization or, more broadly, governance.
Democratization should be promoted within Muslim and other countries and in the world power structure.
The world's strongest and most stable nations tend to be democratic, and the influence of their practices and ideas has helped produce broad democratization in recent years.
Populist without sacrificing high style, and high style without pretension Hudson is an outgrowth of a new world order, where instant access to global travel and the Internet has led to a democratization of style.