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the action of making something democratic

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These are not footnotes in history; massive debates on the best means to recapture the momentum of democratisation continue to animate public discourse in the Arab region.
The limited scope of research on the present state of affairs, specifically intensifying extremist violence and its relation to political despotism is due, at least in part, to the reality that the democratisation of the Arab world remains a remote possibility under the current circumstances.
As the Deputy Head of the EU delegation in Georgia, Boris Iarochevitch said at the presentation in order to achieve economic integration and political rapprochement with the EU, civil society should make a significant contribution to the processes of democratisation, human rights and regional economic development.
The only point of the 18 in the democratisation catalogue that Erdogan has left open for debate concerns the lowering of the 10% election threshold for parties entering parliament - "a long-standing demand by the European Parliament," Hannes Swoboda, chair of the PES group, told Europolitics.
The aim of the new democratisation package, as understood by political observers in Turkey, would be to keep the peace process with the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) alive and to secure popular support for Erdogan's election as president of the republic by summer 2014 - with the prospect of two terms in office and another ten years in power.
He added that the UN had already started consultations with the different political parties and civil society components to define a programme of support to the current democratisation effort.
In "Democratization and the Instrumentalization of the Past," Irene Herrmann compares Switzerland and Russia from the democratisation standpoint and concludes that in both of these countries historians have taken part in politics through their own work in reference to history.
Key words: International Organizations, Democracy, Democratisation, Institutional Roadmaps, Democratic Consolidation.
Koselleck traces the individualisation and democratisation of the memorialisation of death over the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and comments perceptively on the wide-ranging formal commonalities of war memorials.
It is an illuminating study of the complex and very diverse encounters between civil society and the authorities in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, as opposition has built up in each society and those in power have confronted the pressures for democratisation.
In reality, many well informed observers say, the picture of democratisation in Algeria is mixed.
The third and final part of the book concentrates on the conditionality used by the Union in respect of countries waiting in the wings to join the Union, specifically concentrating on the issue of minority protection as well as the democratisation process in Turkey.
The launch of a democratisation process would also require the release of the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and other political detainees.
Democratisation in the Middle East; dilemmas and perspectives.
The document calls for a more proactive approach to human rights and democratisation in the EU's relations with third countries.