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the action of making something democratic

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As the Deputy Head of the EU delegation in Georgia, Boris Iarochevitch said at the presentation in order to achieve economic integration and political rapprochement with the EU, civil society should make a significant contribution to the processes of democratisation, human rights and regional economic development.
He added that the UN had already started consultations with the different political parties and civil society components to define a programme of support to the current democratisation effort.
Election missions are part of the mandate of the European Union whose Treaty considers the protection and promotion human rights and support for democratisation as a corner stone of EU foreign policy and EU development co-operation.
Koselleck traces the individualisation and democratisation of the memorialisation of death over the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and comments perceptively on the wide-ranging formal commonalities of war memorials.
It is an illuminating study of the complex and very diverse encounters between civil society and the authorities in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, as opposition has built up in each society and those in power have confronted the pressures for democratisation.
Yet civil society forms the basis on which democratisation processes have often been constructed.
In reality, many well informed observers say, the picture of democratisation in Algeria is mixed.
There is no indication that the military establishment would change its thinking on the question of real democratisation in the foreseeable future.
The military establishment is also well aware that, so long as its oil sector is open to foreign participation, there will not be any real pressure for democratisation and political reform.
Turkey's Democratisation in Light of its EU Candidate Status: EU Enlargement at a Crossroads.
Democratisation in the Middle East; dilemmas and perspectives.
This optimism derives not only from Iraq's democratic advantages, but also from a comparison between the Iraqi effort and another "unlikely" recent case of non-western democratisation, Sub-Saharan Africa.
An analysis of African democratisation efforts, most of which began with the same handicaps ascribed to Iraq, provides useful answers.
African democratisation was a joint product of two revolutions.
Maghreb-Machrek 127 (January-March 1990): 7-16 and Ahmad `Abdallah, "Le cadre de la participation en Egypte," in Democratie et democratisation dans le Monde arabe.